YouTube changes its Video Replay page

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While watching some videos on YouTube I found that the new video player which is built in HTML 5 has undergone some changes when the video gets over. I mean the Replay page got a redesign with some more features embedded in it. A month ago I had posted about the YouTube Easter Egg. Though... Read More

DailyBlogging Weekly Round-up (23rd August – 29th August,2010)

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I hope you have checked the last weekly roundup we posted. There weren’t many topics I could cover up this week as I concentrated more on decreasing the site load to ensure better SEO & also focused on mainstream & lengthy topics. You can expect such big topics being covered by me even this week... Read More

Orkut adds 6 new features for better user experience

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After Facebook trashed orkut & surpassed it last year, Google is now planning to do something different to regain it’s lost “regular users”. There are also rumors that Google ME would be a Facebook killer, but things aren’t official. Also after the huge failure of Google Buzz, which certainly created a huge ‘BUZZ’ at it’s... Read More

4 Indians make it into America’s Coolest Young Entrepreneurs list

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On Tuesday the famous American Business mag INC had announced the ‘Coolest young Entrepreneurs List’. It’s a monthly magazine which announces similar lists every month. Luckily this time around, 4 Indian-American based entrepreneurs got a chance to be in this list which comprises of 26 other young entrepreneurs. The Young Entrepreneurs List is exclusively chosen... Read More

Facebook to discontinue support to the application profile boxes

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Yesterday I checked my facebook profile & sadly found that there would be no application profile boxes soon as Facebook has decided to take away that feature from all it’s applications. Things keep changing when it comes to popular sites & specially sites which are social. Two weeks ago we saw that Twitter added the... Read More

Virus Definitions & the ways to get rid of Adwares

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This is a guest post by Jasper Joanna. If you want to post a guest post then Contact me for the time being. What Is a Computer Virus? A virus is a malicious piece of code which enters the computer system unknowingly, and often replicates itself, along with causing damage to files or other parts... Read More

DailyBlogging Weekly Round-up (16th August – 22nd August,2010)

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Hi! Hope you are enjoying the start of the week, though Monday’s are like hell in any office goers life. Try to have a smile on your face. Today with a smile I present another weekly roundup for the past week. I’m happy to announce that we are swiftly moving ahead to cross the 1... Read More

Mumbai Traffic Police to use Social Media for solving traffic related problems

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After the semi-successful Meterjam campaign against Errant Taxi & Auto-Rickshaw drivers which tried to create a little impact; now it has taken a step forward. Remember it has already ruled the Twitter trends on 12th August with the hashtag #meterjam. Now it’s the Social Media giant Facebook’s turn to show some action on. Also Read... Read More