PayPal takes Strict measures to Comply with RBI Guidelines

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PayPal India RBI

Yes, the PayPal drama is back, but again this time RBI is the so called Culprit. Entrepreneurs, Freelancers & Bloggers do need PayPal for receiving & sending funds. Today morning I got a mail from PayPal stating a change in their User Agreement for India. The changes will be effective from the 1st of March,... Read More

HowTo Add a Category Menu in Thesis

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Thesis Category Menu

A Couple of weeks ago I did a Comparison between Thesis v/s Genesis v/s Swift & I found Thesis to be superior between the other two. But as I had mentioned in that post, Thesis still lags behind in terms of the basic design. So I decided to design the theme of DailyBlogging myself. While... Read More

HowTo Increase PC Speed

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Speed Up your PC

This is a Guest Post by Dave Cooper who writes for TopSpeedScan, a site which develops different ways to increase pc speed. When you buy a new PC, it works with great speed, but as time passes, you begin noticing speed changes. Things get slower and annoying, until it’s impossible to work on it anymore.... Read More

How to Display Thumbnails in your Post Excerpts in WordPress

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WordPress Thumbnails in Post Excerpts

It’s been said a thousand times that WordPress is the best platform when it comes to Blogging. Moreover if you have some coding knowledge (Basic PHP, HTML & CSS) then your blog will certainly rock. Last week I posted few ways to Increase the PHP Memory Limit in WordPress. Today I thought of posting few... Read More

An Overview of the New Facebook Messages

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Facebook Messaging System

It’s been a couple of months since Facebook gave us the Invite to it’s New Message system. A month later the Social Media giant introduced the new Facebook Profile Pages. And now this month finally they have unveiled the new Messages System. Today they have given access to the new Messages System to most of... Read More

Comparison between Thesis Genesis and Swift based on load time

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Wordpress Themes Comparison

A Few days back I gave a thought to redesign DailyBlogging. At first I decided to take up the Default WordPress theme (Twenty Ten) and design it from scratch. Then on second thoughts I selected some 5-6 popular themes, but finally only 3 Themes viz – Thesis, Genesis & Swift came up for the comparison.... Read More

Solve the ‘JFolder::create: Could not create directory’ Error in Joomla

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Failed to move file Joomla Error

Like WordPress, Joomla also has a lot of functionalities. It can be used as a tool for Blogging. Though WordPress is much more reliable for that purpose. But when we talk about a CMS (Content Management System), the first name comes into our mind is Joomla. It’s not that WordPress cannot be used as a... Read More

Yahoo! Mail goes BETA with a new Interface

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Yahoo Mail BETA Preview

We know how hard Yahoo! must be feeling when it’s particularly left out in the competition for the top sites of the World. Google, today maintains it’s top spot considering it’s versatility, Facebook stands at the second spot due to it’s enormous Social Media presence. YouTube grabs the third spot as it came out with... Read More