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Get back the Old Google Accounts Sign-up form and avoid Google+

22 Jan, 2012 Internet 6 Comments

Google Accounts

Recently Google took a blatant decision to promote Google+ where ever it could find white-space. Due to this, Google has been at the receiving end of a lot of flak from social media and marketing experts. People are not annoyed with the intent to promote a company’s native social network on it’s own platform but... Read More

The Best WordPress permalink structure for Optimal SEO and Performance

17 Jan, 2012 Wordpress 51 Comments

SEO post URLs

WordPress permalink structure is perhaps the most debated issue be it in WordPress specific forums or on other blogs. Earlier at DailyBlogging I had kept the permalink structure to /%year%/%month%/%date%/%postname%. But after a week or two I changed that to /%category%/%postname%/. The reasons were pretty logical for this change. First: I seldom used to post... Read More

8 Must-have Productivity Tools & Apps for Web Designers

13 Jan, 2012 Web Design 12 Comments

Productivity in designing

As a web designer one has to think out-of-box in each and every design. And thinking requires a lot of time. So why waste time when you’ve loads of time-saving productivity apps around you. Rather we can utilize that time in thinking only about the design. That is exactly what we are going to achieve... Read More

How to add the Popular posts widget in WordPress without a plugin

05 Jan, 2012 Wordpress 22 Comments

Popular Posts

We all know how important it is to selectively use plugins on a WordPress blog. Reason being it reduces the load time due to additional querying of our databases. So the ultimate alternative is to use custom codes where ever possible. Again if you really want to choose plugins then take a look at our... Read More

How to mass Delete Pending Posts in WordPress

30 Dec, 2011 Wordpress 8 Comments

Delete Pending posts WordPress

As we all know WordPress is the best and popular-most option when it comes to writing/publishing posts and more importantly managing a blog efficiently. Very often you’ll find blogs opening up to guest posting (like even we have done) in order to allow other bloggers to showcase their writing skills and ultimately share their knowledge... Read More

HostGator offers Unlimited Hosting at 50% Discounted price

23 Dec, 2011 Web Hosting 6 Comments

HostGator Discount

The SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) has brought in lot of views from big names of the Internet. A few days ago GoDaddy, the domain giant said on it’s personal blog that it supports the SOPA. Read the entire blog post here. This statement from GoDaddy was dumped by many in the social media sphere.... Read More

4 Tools to Detect the Scripting or CMS used by a website

21 Dec, 2011 Internet 9 Comments

Detect CMS & Scripts of a website

As web surfers we are very keen to know which website uses which script or CMS (Content Management System). No? Well one would be certainly lying if the answer to that question would be ‘No’. Here we are NOT talking about client-end scripts like jQuery, JS or Ajax instead we are focusing on the site’s... Read More

FeedMedic : Know when your Blog’s Feed is down

16 Dec, 2011 Blogging 1 Comment

Feedburner feeds

Content not getting delivered to a subscriber’s email inbox is nothing short of a nightmare for a blogger. Specially the one who depends largely on mail subscribers and not search engine visitors¬†¬†for traffic. If you are facing a similar problem and you burn your feeds on Feedburner; then by the time you read this post... Read More