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GoDaddy $1 .COM, .NET & .ORG Domains Coupon code for December 2011

14 Dec, 2011 Internet 4 Comments

1 dollar domain name

Earlier this month we saw GoDaddy giving 1$ Domains up to a limit of 10,000 redemptions. It seems that those redemptions are already over and OUT. So to keep everyone happy the domain name company has decided to start a similar discount offer (as it does every month) for the .COM, .NET and .ORG TLDs. Staying... Read More

What’s New in WordPress 3.3 ‘Sonny’ ?

13 Dec, 2011 Wordpress 17 Comments

WordPress 3.3

A couple of hours ago WordPress 3.3 was pushed out for a smooth release. It’s named as Sonny after the famous jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt. You can directly update your blog to wp 3.3 from the dashboard or download the entire release from It’s seen as one of major releases after WordPress 3.1. Remember WP... Read More

How to Embed a Tweet in your WordPress Post

11 Dec, 2011 Wordpress 2 Comments

Embed Tweets in WordPress

With the New Twitter 2.0 making all the news, a little feature was also introduced along side called Embed Tweets. It didn’t attract many eyeballs as it was presented as a byline item and not many popular blogs covered it. Maybe some of them underestimated this feature. Do you remember something called the Blackbird Pie... Read More

Discover and Get Twitter’s New Design

09 Dec, 2011 Social Media 2 Comments

New Twitter

Earlier today, Twitter held a press conference where-in it revealed it’s new building along with the news of it’s major redesign. The whole event was nicknamed as Fly Twitter for the obvious reason that Twitter wanted to show-off it’s new design to the media people present at the conference. Along with the web interface redesign,... Read More

Get Popular Android Apps from the Market for 5 Rupees or 10 Cents

07 Dec, 2011 Technology 4 Comments

Android Apps

There is already a buzz about the 10 Billion Downloads discount offer on the Android Market. Apparently that’s the reason behind this 10 cent best-buy price if one could call it. One thing which makes this discount offer or sale different from others is that this discount isn’t weighed percentage wise. Rather they’ve straightforwardly cut... Read More

What does it require of a Blogger to Make BIG Money?

05 Dec, 2011 Money Blogging 10 Comments

Money Wallet

We’ve seen a lot of posts on pro blogging and making money online separately. But today we thought of writing a post which involves both these highly niche topics. One of our guest bloggers – Jane had written a post on the Do’s and Don’ts to make more money from blogging. That post enlightens you about... Read More

How to Crack this ‘Can you crack it?’ Puzzle

05 Dec, 2011 HowTo 1 Comment

Crack it

If you are an avid Internet surfer, then you should be knowing about this new Can you crack it? puzzle. It was launched a few of days ago by TMP Ltd., a UK based company which does recruitment processes for various other firms and companies. In this case I guess the recruitment service is for... Read More

How to Memorialize/Remove Facebook Accounts of the Deceased

03 Dec, 2011 Social Media 8 Comments

Memorialize Accounts

Did you ever know that Facebook has this unique feature of memorializing accounts ? I frankly, didn’t know about this until I digged into Facebook’s FAQ thanks to Apoorv. Memorializing is a way to mark a dead person’s (deceased) profile as dead. This process sounds very similar to marking a profile as spam, but literally it isn’t... Read More