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AOL acquires the TechCrunch network for $30 million


TechCrunch Acquisition

Well only few names hit our mind when we think about Tech blogs, one of them being TechCrunch for sure. Earlier today, AOL successfully managed to acquire TechCrunch for a mouth-watering sum of $30 million. TechCrunch was founded by Michael Arrington in 2005. Now they have expanded their network to around 4-5 sites each based... Read More

YouTube changes its Video Replay page



While watching some videos on YouTube I found that the new video player which is built in HTML 5 has undergone some changes when the video gets over. I mean the Replay page got a redesign with some more features embedded in it. A month ago I had posted about the YouTube Easter Egg. Though... Read More

Orkut adds 6 new features for better user experience



After Facebook trashed orkut & surpassed it last year, Google is now planning to do something different to regain it’s lost “regular users”. There are also rumors that Google ME would be a Facebook killer, but things aren’t official. Also after the huge failure of Google Buzz, which certainly created a huge ‘BUZZ’ at it’s... Read More

4 Indians make it into America’s Coolest Young Entrepreneurs list



On Tuesday the famous American Business mag INC had announced the ‘Coolest young Entrepreneurs List’. It’s a monthly magazine which announces similar lists every month. Luckily this time around, 4 Indian-American based entrepreneurs got a chance to be in this list which comprises of 26 other young entrepreneurs. The Young Entrepreneurs List is exclusively chosen... Read More

RapidShare makes a fool out of you when it says its offering free Premium Accounts



Early today, I saw RapidShare offering Premium Accounts for free. Obviously, registered one. You can try it out too. Goto & you will get to see a registration form with the lines, “Premium Account for Free”. I was very delighted by this. After about an hour thought of testing the premium account. Searched for... Read More

GiveAway : 5 Alpha Invites of Digg V4



Digg was once considered the king of Social Media. But after the arrival of Facebook & Twitter its popularity got affected as both the sites had a different and much likable concept than Digg. But Digg still remains popular among bloggers, Internet users and Diggers of course!

Paypal continues Electronic Withdrawal service in India



Two days before several Indian freelancers, bloggers & entrepreneurs who earn some part/whole of their income via Paypal had become very sad when they heard that PayPal had stopped Electronic Fund transfer in India. There was a huge buzz about this in Social Media sites. But now,

Flickr redesigns its Photo Page

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Flickr Logo

Yesterday when I logged into Flickr & was searching for images, saw a Highlighted Message in the header part of the Photo Page stating that I can have a preview of its Redesigned version. So curiously headed towards the redesigned Photo Page. <Image Credits> 1. Arrangement With the Redesigned version it comes with better arrangement... Read More