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Facebook to introduce Group Chatting & Downloadable User data feature

Facebook Chatbox

Facebook is the current No #2 site in the world according to the Alexa. So we can expect changes from their highly rated developmental team. Today Mark Zuckerberg & his team sent in personal invites to the press people for a check-in at Facebook’s headquarters in California. Last week it introduced a new flash image... Read More


Create a custom Splash Page easily with

Today we have made a hell lot of progress in the field of Technology which resulted in the existence of Social Media. Now, at least 3 members of a family (consisting of 4 members) use Social Media to a large extent. The reasons for using it would be different, but the usage almost remains the... Read More


A preview of the New Twitter design


Few days back we alerted about the glitches twitter solving in terms of Twitter lists & Tweet counts. Though it managed to solve those glitches within a couple of days. It’s certainly aiming to be at par with Facebook. It was @ 13th Rank 3-4 months back in the Alexa rank, & now it is... Read More


Facebook to discontinue support to the application profile boxes


Yesterday I checked my facebook profile & sadly found that there would be no application profile boxes soon as Facebook has decided to take away that feature from all it’s applications. Things keep changing when it comes to popular sites & specially sites which are social. Two weeks ago we saw that Twitter added the... Read More


Mumbai Traffic Police to use Social Media for solving traffic related problems


After the semi-successful Meterjam campaign against Errant Taxi & Auto-Rickshaw drivers which tried to create a little impact; now it has taken a step forward. Remember it has already ruled the Twitter trends on 12th August with the hashtag #meterjam. Now it’s the Social Media giant Facebook’s turn to show some action on. Also Read... Read More


Twitter is working on restoring Twitter Lists & Twitter Counts


Last week we posted about the addition of Follows in common & Followed by my follows to Twitter. Today when I checked my Twitter handle, I found something weird happening. Thought it was some code errors on the part of Twitter. But then realized that wasn’t the case. I Checked in Chrome,Firefox & even on... Read More


Follows in common & Followed by my follows are the latest additions to Twitter


Twitter is getting things to roll out at a steady pace week after week. Last week we heard about the forced, “Who To Follow” which ultimately sucked. It mostly shows verified users, opens the follow link on the same page & many other issues with that. But now Twitter has made simpler for Twitter users... Read More


Digg closes registrations as Digg V4 is on the way

Digg-V4 Alpha

Digg was once considered the king of Social Media. But after the arrival of Facebook & Twitter its popularity got affected as both the sites had a different and much likable concept than Digg. But Digg still remains popular among bloggers, Internet users and Diggers of course!