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GoDaddy $1 .COM, .NET & .ORG Domains Coupon code for December 2011

1 dollar domain name

Earlier this month we saw GoDaddy giving 1$ Domains up to a limit of 10,000 redemptions. It seems that those redemptions are already over and OUT. So to keep everyone happy the domain name company has decided to start a similar discount offer (as it does every month) for the .COM, .NET and .ORG TLDs. Staying... Read More


How to Create a Facebook like ‘Like Box’ for Google+ Pages

Google+ Like Box

Earlier this month, the much awaited Google+ pages were launched. Many bloggers including me, were excited about this new engaging, promotion tool. The blogging community looks forward for every opportunity to promote their brand, posts, etc. So it’s difficult to question the excitement levels within us. Today it’s almost 3 weeks and I particularly haven’t... Read More


Solve the ‘Warning: trim() expects parameter 1’ Joomla Error

Joomla Logo

Joomla Errors are a nightmare for any Web Developer. Unlike WordPress, Joomla doesn’t have a huge community where users discuss their problems daily and get it solved within minutes. The reason for that is Joomla is a pure CMS very similar to Drupal and extremely dissimilar to WordPress. So any error in Joomla doesn’t get solved... Read More


How to Select All Friends on Facebook & Invite them to a Facebook Page

Select All Friends

A good fan base is always essential to show the might of your business in the Internet arena. Well, more precisely in the Social Media arena. And when we speak about Social Media the first site which comes to our mind is Facebook. A while back, Facebook had natively supported the Select All Friends on... Read More


How to achieve Smooth Marquee Effect with jQuery

Smooth Marquee

It’s a known fact that website readers/visitors love some elegance and smoothness in a site these days. So any Web Designer/Developer has to focus more on smaller things rather than just building a functional website. A lot of things have changed in the past few years in the field of Web Designing. With the rise... Read More


HowTo Add Buffer Button in WordPress

Add Buffer Button in WordPress

Uniqueness always stays ahead and that’s what happened with Buffer. I remember Leo (Co-Founder of Buffer) had written a Guest Post here on DailyBlogging a few months back, on how to keep up with the evolving twitter. It was the time when Buffer was launched and he was working very hard on building up content... Read More


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