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Octopus Paul selects Spain to win the FIFA WC in its Final Prediction


FIFA WC 2010

Octopus Paul, an octopus which is merely 4 years old is getting fame higher than a 50-year-old human being. It has a record search of over 2,000,000 searches in Google. What more fame does it need, but it certainly deserves every bit of it. As it has got 6 out of 6 predictions of the... Read More

Google comes out with double doodles to celebrate FIFA WC & Cousteau’s Birthday

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Double Doodle By Google

Today the FIFA World Cup kicks off @ 5.30 PM on ESPN with a superb opening ceremony which includes Shakira’s performance with her “Waka Waka”. So don’t miss the action tonight! Google never remains behind in celebrating such a huge event, so on this special occasion it has come up with a¬†magnificent¬†doodle presenting a football... Read More

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