DailyBlogging Weekly Round-up (27th September – 3rd October,2010)

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Woof…! Another week has started. It’s going pretty hectic. Hope you have seen our traffic stats which covers the analytics part of DailyBlogging. Also, don’t forget to check the monthly wrap-up, incase you missed out on even a single post. I’m happy to say that this week as promised we have covered more posts than the usual 3 per week.

Also, I have entered into the Affiliate Marketing field. Though, m a newbie; I will try to explore out things. If I see a slight ray of success; would post some tips on advertising & affiliate marketing ASAP.


Weekly Round-up :–



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Monthly Wrap-up

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    Hey Mani, For every four articles you are posting a roundup. I know this is a good way to get more visibility for your old posts, but it wont look good. So try to come up with a monthly round up. Just my opinion mate.

  2. Stumbled News

    Your blog is excellent.

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    Rounder-up? yes,this is new to me..gonna try it sometime..Your other posts are really well written.Keep writing!

    If you like something about my blog,do VOTE ME!

    Your Vote counts for me!

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      A Round-up Seriously benefits your blog as well as your Readers.

      Regarding the Indiblogger Vote-up part. I have promoted your post up. Thanks for promoting mine too 🙂

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