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Blogger comes out with its Template Designer

15 Jul, 2010 Blogging Start a Discussion


Blogger one of the Google’s finest products today have rolled out the Blogger Template Designer addition. This will give non-techies or newbies a great opportunity to redesign their blog, though lots of templates are available to fulfill this purpose, but a personal touch to a web-design is always essential. So I would say that it’s... Read More

Top 10 WordPress Plugins which I use on DailyBlogging

14 Jul, 2010 Wordpress 70 Comments

Wordpress Logo

So I believe that starting with a top 10 post is always good, since many people remain confused of which all plugins they should use on their WordPress blog. It mostly remains common as we all get the top 10 list from various sites, but as time progresses the list keeps on updating, some plugins... Read More

ISRO plans to send two Indians into space in 2013

13 Jul, 2010 Technology 7 Comments

ISRO Satellite Image

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) is deeply thinking to send out 2 Indians in space along with the PSLV (Polar Satellite Launching Vehicle) in the year 2013 after Successfully launching the PSLV-c15 carrying 5 Satellites from Sriharikota. It is said that they will stay there for a week’s time in a low-earth orbit. After ISRO... Read More

ISRO successfully launches 5 satellites using the PSLV – C15 from Sriharikota

13 Jul, 2010 Technology 10 Comments


ISRO today successfully launched 5 satellites from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre which is situated in Sriharikota & is 100km to the north of Chennai. After they launched the PSLV – c14 last September which carried the Oceansat – 2 satellite and six other nano satellites. This time it was the turn of PSLV –... Read More

DailyBlogging Weekly Round-up (5th July – 11th July,2010)

12 Jul, 2010 Weekly Round-ups 1 Comment

Calender Image for round-ups

Today I’m coming up with the past week’s round-up. I certainly hope that you have read the previous Weekly Round-up for 27th June – 4th July. This past week I wrote on different topics & concentrated less on my niche topics, Since I don’t want DailyBlogging to be mainly a niche type blog but a... Read More

ViewSonic shocks the market with 27 Inch HD Monitor

11 Jul, 2010 Technology 6 Comments

ViewSonic Image

ViewSonic which is considered as the one of the most trustable LCD sellers  for PC, has now moved into another line by launching its 27 Inch HD Monitor. It sounds as if its just a normal monitor. But not, its basically meant to be used as a Television set, though it is said by the... Read More

Chinese Officials renew Google’s License

10 Jul, 2010 Google Start a Discussion

Google China Logo

At the start of this year, Google had faced some serious attacks from some parts of China, after which it threatened the Chinese to remove itself from China. After so much talks, arguments the Chinese Government has renewed Google’s ICP (Internet Content Provider) License. This will help a lot of Chinese people who missed Google’s... Read More

Octopus Paul selects Spain to win the FIFA WC in its Final Prediction

09 Jul, 2010 Sports 4 Comments

FIFA WC 2010

Octopus Paul, an octopus which is merely 4 years old is getting fame higher than a 50-year-old human being. It has a record search of over 2,000,000 searches in Google. What more fame does it need, but it certainly deserves every bit of it. As it has got 6 out of 6 predictions of the... Read More