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4 Things about iPhone 4S which will Tempt you to Buy it

02 Nov, 2011 Technology 14 Comments

iPhone 4S

This is a Guest Post by Simon, who is a Tech Writer. To start with, this post will list out some features of iPhone 4S which looks impressive at the outset and might tempt you to buy one for yourself. Siri is not deeply featured in this; as it has already created enough buzz and... Read More

3 Tips for Choosing a Camera Phone

25 Aug, 2011 Technology 14 Comments

Camera Phone

This is a Guest Post by Simon. You can find more help on selecting your ideal camera phone at best mobile contracts. So you’re looking for a phone that you can replace your compact camera with. It can be a bit of a hassle having to carry a number of devices around with you and being able... Read More