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We Provide you the Opportunity to ‘Become a DailyBlogger‘ by writing a Guest Post for us. The deal is pretty simple. If you are a regular Guest post writer then you would be knowing the Benefits of Guest Blogging. In case you are new to the Blogosphere then I will list a few benefits of Guest Blogging on DailyBlogging.

Benefits of Becoming A DailyBlogger

  • DailyBlogging is a PR 3 Blog.
  • You get 2 DoFollow Links in your post
  • One at the Start of the Post & one in the author Box.
  • You can Include keywords in those 2 links. Use of keywords will help you to rank well in Search Engines.
  • We allow you to include your Facebook & Twitter ID’s.
  • So this will be a sort of Social Media Optmization (SMO) for you, as the FB & Twitter ID’s will be displayed below the Post Author Box.
  • Replying to Comments in your Guest Post can help you to

How/Where to Start ?

The above questions will be answered in this section. First off, you need to get yourself Registered to write a post for us.

  • Goto our Registration Page. [Registration Closed due to SPAM posts, will update this section soon, till then use the Contact page to send Guest posts]

Guidelines to be followed when Submitting your Post for Review

There are certain guidelines which you need to follow when you are Submitting your Guest Post.

  • There is no word count limit. But we would only Approve Quality Posts.
  • We are Accepting Guest Posts only in the Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Technology category.
  • Strictly no Affiliate links in any part of post/Description box.
  • Give proper Credit wherever necessary ( viz – Images, Tutorials, etc.)
  • Your post should be Genuine.
  • Once a post is Approved & Published on DailyBlogging, it shouldn’t be re-posted anywhere else.

Failing to follow any of the above rules will result in Rejection of your Guest Post. You can use the Contact Page in case you face any difficulties during the registration process/you need some clarifications.