How to notify your readers of the change in your blog’s Post Frequency

Change in Post Frequency

The first question which would probably hit your mind is, Whether it is necessary to inform your readers about these things or not ?? Trust me, in Blogging you should never hide things from your loyal readers & commentators.

Because they are the one’s who follow your blog closely. The regular readers would know it automatically when they see a change in the timings of the posts.

But the less regular readers, who use Feed Aggregator’s wouldn’t notice the change that easily. As a blogger it is your duty to inform your readers of the changes that have or will take place in your blog.


Now, here comes the fix. HowTo inform your readers about a change in your blog’s post frequency. So here are the four  simple ways that you should follow.

Alert in Round-up posts

Round-up posts i.e. Weekly Round-up posts are the best way to pass on various information related to your blog’s traffic stats, making important announcements like this, etc.

So, adding the Post Frequency Change (alert) in such posts would give your readers an idea on how often you would be writing on your blog.

Make Specific Posts

You can also make specific posts to notify this change to your readers. These posts could be tagged under a separate category. The category name could be your blog’s name/initials + News; like we have it => DB News which we use for categorizing Traffic Stats posts, Alexa updates,etc.

Use the power of Social Media

social_media[Image Credit]

This is probably the easiest way to inform your blog’s followers on Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can write a status update stating to a change in your blog’s Post Frequency followed by the reason. The disadvantage here is that, your feed readers won’t get this update.

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Send out Newsletters

Instead of making a post/updating your Social Media profiles. You can easily send out Occasional emails to your Blog’s Email Subscribers. This would ensure that, they are alerted about the changes.

Have you used at least one of these techniques to inform your readers about the changes taking place in your blog ??

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  1. Mostly we forgot about old posts due to busy schedules, These are excellent ways to induce old posts…

  2. That’s the dilemma I’hv been in since a long time. Should they be informed or not. Stil doubtful. 😐

  3. I’ve changed my post frequency quite a few times over the course of the blog and some times I mention it and some times I don’t really depending on my mood and if I’m using the change to test reader response.

    For example, recently I had shifted to 5 days a week because there was a ton going on in my industry that needed covered. I found that most of my readers don’t make it in that often and because they were scrambling to read everything, it killed my comment numbers and engagement.

    Now that things have sort of slowed down, I’ll be letting them know that I’ll be shifting back to about 2-3 days a week plus my weekly recap which I guess makes four although its mostly done for my newsletter subscribers. I’ve taken that added momentum and started writing some guest posts on some other blogs.

    If however I was cutting the blog back to twice per week (which I’ve certainly considered) then there would definitely need to be a formal announcement to my regular readers or they would feel my blog was dying or being abandoned. I owe them an explanation for their loyalty and love of my blog.

    I do agree with Vijay above though that if the decrease is going to be temporary then filling the gap by using Old Post Promotor plugin or something similar to bring old posts forward is really a better idea so that the appearance of frequent posts is maintained and the reader expectation remains at “x per week”

  4. I know the sending out newsletters and social media majorly affect your blog affect, but thanks for other information.

  5. I have been following most of the tips you have mentioned in your post.Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’m thinking to make a widget on my right panel to inform what is coming. It is some sort of TV Program reminder. Hope this will be good enough to inform post frequency. Let me see what will be the response from my readers. And do you think the idea works?

  7. I also recently changed the update frequency of the article, unfortunately I have not applied any way to inform my readers, so, you should review the article title appears to have errors

  8. nice share as usual brother, a good way to notify

  9. Nice share buddy. We should never allow our old posts to die. We have to try linking them in new posts and shift part of our visitors. 🙂

  10. wow…nice ways to inform…

  11. Well, buddy I have made a separate category called Announcements where all my posts about information etc go

  12. Useful Article bro, nicely written and very important 🙂 Thanks

  13. I think using Social Media such as Twitter is the simplest and easiest.

  14. Newsletter mayn’t work effective but sending out mails and making specific alert can be done……

  15. Nice share of points. Its also great idea to show the upcoming post on the blog. Thanks for this 😀

  16. finally easy way to alert our blog readers

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