Blog posting style : Quality vs Quantity

Blog posting style
Blog posting style

This is a guest post by Kuldeep who blogs at CoolTricks & TechBlogging.

Blogging is the best source to share our knowledge worldwide. For Bloggers, it’s like updating their blogs with new & quality content. But here arises the important question: What’s Better? Quantity or Quality ?? It’s just like an inconclusive debate.

One of the major factor involved in this process is the level of posting. But blogging is all about updating your readers, isn’t it ? Still we wonder which aspect of posting comes first: Quantity or Quality.

It depends upon the circumstances and each blogger has his own opinion on this. So suitability is a bigger factor here.

Well, to build a successful blog being regular is the most important thing. But what suits your blog? It depends upon the niche you have chosen or regardless of that? Well, lets find out the answers to these critical questions in the paragraphs below.

Quality vs Quantity
Quality vs Quantity...the debate goes on..


Your blogging career won’t be successful until & unless you are trying to do better content farming. Remember, when we purchase vegetables we take the good ones and throw out the rotten ones. So the same applies with your blog. Readers will like to get some fresh and quality content and neglect the useless articles.

The thing is quality content takes a lot of time and hard work. It’s not an easy job. You need to give it every bit of focus & effort. For some multi-author blogs, it might be an easy task because they have the arsenal (in the form of writers) and a broader niche that can cover various topics.

So you need to do a lot of research in order to present something productive to your readers.

For instance, Some successful blogs that receive good amount of organic traffic may not post in bulk. Some may even adopt the post once a week strategy. But the key to the success of such blogs is the amount of traffic they get on non-posting days.

Their reader-base is ready to wait for awesome content even once in a week. That’s the effectiveness of Quality. But posting less can even have severe drawbacks. You may even loose readers.


It’s obvious that if you want to make big money, then you need to have a big blog. A huge number of posts will grow your blog and help you to earn more. But if your posts lack in quality, then you cannot make even a few bucks.

Posting frequency may be less or more even depends upon the niche or circumstances. Like a niche in which you need not post everyday or even once a week. And circumstances means like you started a new blog, there’s no one to view/read it. So posting less may work there.

How to Choose the Right Posting Frequency ?

We’ve heard this old cliche “Content is the King”; but that’s not all. Producing quality content with proper measure of quantity is the key to success in blogging.

Creating a lot of pages (in the form of posts) on your blog will surely give more search referrals, but that does not mean that you should keep on publishing useless content every now and then. Make sure that you are able to bring out something really good every time you hit in the publish button.

So at the end of the day quality is just one side of the coin, you also need to consider the other side that comprises of quantity.

What’s your view on this ?


  1. For me, there is nothing like quality. If I am writing 5 useless articles per week, it will be worse. More important is delivering 3 quality articles that people and my readers appreciate

    1. Yes! You are going right! Produce Quality Content! And just GO On!! Best of Luck for your future!
      Thanks for adding your precious comment here!

  2. Quality Is king. We always keep this in mind before starting a blog. Most of bloggers copy and paste other article on their blog. So how they can be successful?

    1. You are correct! Blogs producing copied content could never be successful! Even this is worst thing if someone copies content!
      Thanks for your Comment Ammar!
      Keep Visiting!!

  3. Using fresh and unique quality contents is the best way to earning more visitors and money

    1. Yes! you are correct! Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment!

  4. Nice post Kuldeep ! I think quantity is definitely important but quality is as important as the former. I believe, there should be a perfect balance between the two. One should not compromise quality for quantity. And it is humanly impossible (at least for me) to post 3 or 4 high quality posts daily to one’s blog if you are the only writer. One must find some neat methods like a giveaway or contest to entice guest bloggers to accelerate our blog’s growth without much effort.

    1. Thanks for giving a valuable information in the form of comment! By the way, I really appreciate the info you wrote here! Yes, Quality and Quantity both should be maintained at the same time! Thanks for commenting! Keep Visiting!

  5. Quality combined with the quantity can you create by bringing in guest bloggers in the same niche that your blog are in to provide both breadth and innovation.

  6. I think it varies from site to site, from what I have seen. Some sites really focus 100 percent on the best quality content. As a result, updates are not very frequent but the regular visitors accept this and are ok with it, while some other sites post something new almost daily but as expected, there’s no depth in each article, but this works for sites that are posting mostly news updates or blurbs so it works out for their visitors.


  7. I think you should try and find a happy medium to where you do not end up running into writing useless posts, just because you feel you need more content.

  8. You rightly said the well optimization between quality and quantity is necessary for success of a blog.

  9. I try to have a healthy balance with both quality and quantity. Sometime you can’t write pages on a topic so its best to kept to the bare bones, and others you could go on and on for days so it’s important to have a focus.

  10. I think the point is that you have to produce high quality content and for frequency i think you should post many quality contents faster than your competitors.

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