How I Built an Ultra Successful Blog and quit my 9-5 day Job

Blog and Quit your job

This is a guest post by Patrick Meninga of Make Money With No Work. He recently sold his flagship website for $200,000 dollars, averaging over $900/hour while creating it.

Let me start by asking, do you love your day job? Not me.

I used to hate my day job. It was not so much the job itself that I disliked, but the idea that I had to keep showing up, over and over again, for 40 hours each week.

It was like a prison. One that most people did not even realize they were in.

It is like Peter Gibbons said in the movie “Office Space”: “Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about about misbsion statements.”

At some point in my career, those were my sentiments exactly. I realized that, given my current career path:

  • I was basically trading all of my energy and time for money to buy stuff.
  • My career was not going to change for the better suddenly.
  • That 40 hours per week for the rest of my life was a really long time.
Day Job
Well, the caption is in the image :p

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I wanted something more out of life. I wanted my freedom back. Here is how I got it, and how you can do the same:

Built a single authority blog and put all the energy into it for 4 years

Most people who want freedom from their day jobs want it right now. This is not necessarily realistic. I faced that same fact myself and realized that it was going to take some time in order to build a successful business.

But here is the key: The time is going to pass anyway.

So 99 percent of the world just accepts their crappy day job, complains about life, and comes home each day from work to plop down in front of their television. If you want freedom then you can’t plop down in front of your television.

You have to use that time to create an amazing blog. Many internet marketers will tell you to diversify by starting multiple blogs. I found this to be a mistake in my case, and I did very well by concentrating all of my efforts on a single blog.

If you follow the other suggestions in this article for seeking day job liberation then you will do well to focus on a single blog as well.

The main reason for doing this is because building link juice and authority is incredibly difficult. Doing it more than once is extremely challenging. Therefore, just do it once by focusing all of your effort into building a single blog.

Remember, I focused on one blog for 4 years and averaged over $900 per hour. If I would have taken the traditional advice to diversify, I am not so sure I would have fared so well.

Published an average of three Quality articles per Day

Volume matters. My vision of a successful authority blog is that of a large web property, one that can pull in lots of daily traffic, and then turn that traffic into money.

I did this successfully with my flagship website by having about one million words published on the site across 1,500 articles. Before that sounds like an insurmountable task, realize that this is achievable by publishing two or three articles daily for less than two years.

Most new businesses take years and years to become profitable, so this time frame should be more than reasonable. Each article that you publish on your blog should seek to draw in new traffic based on unique long tail keyword phrases.

Most people who try to achieve an online income will run out of “publishing juice” before they start seeing that important trickle of income. Stay positive and focus on churning out two or three quality articles each day. This will absolutely get you to your income goal, provided you do not give up.

Honestly, most people give up before the miracle happens. That should give you a clear picture of what your challenge really is in all of this.

Promoted the blog with quality Guest Posts

“If you build it, they will come.” Not true any more. You have to promote your blog posts. Luckily, if you build your empire on a single domain, you only have to do this once.

I recommend the following:

  • Be extremely patient – It takes a while for promotional efforts to fully kick in.
  • Focus on guest posting – Find other websites & blogs in your niche and network with them. Leave real value-added comments on their blog. Email the site owner and discuss things.
    Pitch them a guest post and get a strong link back to your site. Do this over and over again until your blog is profitable.
  • Avoid manufactured links, cheap links, flimsy promotional schemes, etc.

It is tough to build a blog and also promote it at the same time with quality guest posting, but that is the exact challenge you are facing. Take your time, be patient, and allow the links to slowly kick in over time.

Remember that site age matters as well. This is not going to happen in a matter of weeks or even months. If you want to buy your freedom then you must learn to be patient.

Keep doing “real” guest posts until you reach your income goal.

Focused on Income growth

Before we move on to this section, do give a read to the requirements of a blogger to make big money. It would have been easy for me to get distracted chasing social traffic instead of focusing on income growth.

Luckily, I quickly realized that most social traffic did not convert well into revenue, so I disciplined myself to only focus on building valuable traffic that monetized well.

This is difficult to do because social traffic is relatively easy to get, and valuable search engine traffic is fickle and hard to increase.

Again that is the challenge that you are faced with here. Focus on building search engine traffic that converts well into revenue by doing the following:

  • Publish quality content on-site every single day – thus increasing your long tail traffic in the long run.
  • Build a blog authority and link juice by publishing quality guest posts.

These two tasks are tough. Most people refuse to do them both, which is why they fail to make good money online.

If you have the discipline to do both of them on a consistent basis, you can build a successful online business and eventually achieve total freedom from your day job.

At some point, you can even stop guest posting, and simply focus on publishing quality on-site content. Once you have a successful business, it is very easy to maintain it and even grow it further without doing much additional promotion. Publish premium content and it will “sell itself” because you will already have an audience and a high traffic blog.

The hard part is in achieving that success to begin with, and that is why you need a strong promotional push.

The only question to ask yourself is: “Are you willing to put in the work in order to purchase  freedom from your day job?”


  1. Really inspiring story ! I agree that blogging can be one of the best options to be free from 9 to 5 routine job. If it is done keeping a clear vision in mind, it can transform one’s life. Blogging is a way to explore your interests and talent, and at the same time it enables you to achieve financial freedom also. Thanks for sharing a nice and motivational information.

  2. @ Alok – Yes, I have found blogging to be a great way to explore my interests as well! Of course the economic incentive does not hurt either. Connecting with others in this way is amazing. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Patrick,
    Like all entrepreneurs know, you work more than 40 hours a week, you should write three good articles every day, write comments, check the guest blogger articles, etc. so you have to be really motivated and have a will of steel to succeed. A very good article.

  4. @ Lennart – Yeah I agree that you need to be highly motivated. On the other hand, I think you can be patient too. But no one that I have met is really all that patient. If they are publishing lots of content online then they want to see some money, and if you are doing what I describe then you either need to be very patient and wait a year or two, or you need a huge amount of link juice. Getting strong links that quickly is really not realistic for most people though. It can be done but it is so much more difficult than telling them to just publish high volumes of quality content.

    I agree on working 40 hours per week. Actually I would say that I work less than that now but when I do work, I am actually producing. When I had a day job I would stand around idle, so much down time, drove me nuts. Being an entrepreneur is awesome! I highly recommend it. So glad that I made the plunge.

    Thank you for your comment Lennart. I hope you are reaching for your own business goals. Take care.

  5. Writing 3 Articles daily is too good. But we need to write at least 5 articles per week.

  6. @ Ammar – Yeah 5 articles per week is great! Most people who start are hard pressed to even maintain that pace. Of course, working your way up to 3 articles daily would be 3 times the rate of growth!

    Whatever rate is comfortable enough that you keep doing it in the long term is probably the best way to go. Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks Patrick. The more we work hard the more we get good results

  7. Yes, it’s true that your frequency of posting comments really counts!!

  8. great post, which website did you sold for $200,000, if it’s not the secret.

  9. @ Kuldeep – Yeah I always shoot for a “comment storm” on my popular articles. If you can get people involved in the discussion, it seems to create a long term SEO benefit. Nothing I can prove, just something that seems to be true in my past experience. Thanks for reading!

  10. @ Kuldeep – if you Google my name (Patrick Meninga) you will know after glancing through the first few results…..(for the buyer’s sake, keep it on the down low though!)

  11. Thanks for this. This is really motivating but I doubt writing three articles per day will be possible. For many bloggers, delivering even 1 quality article is difficult so three does look a tough task

  12. Really inspiring post Patrick, the key to financial freedom and success as a blogger is to channelize all our energy into one blog and make it financially successful. Then think of diversifying into other niches.

  13. First, I want to say how motivating this article is in its entirety. Good job! However, I feel like if I have to write 3-5 high quality articles in one day, I will still feel like I’m in a 9-5 job. I don’t know about everyone else but one good quality article will take at least a couple of hours to write. The truth is there’s no hard and fast rule on the quantity of articles your site has to have published daily. The key is consistency. If you can write 5 articles a day, great. If you can only write 1, still great. But do it everyday!

  14. @ Tushar – yes three articles per day is not easy, especially to maintain that publishing rate for a year or more. But that is where the big reward is at! Make a sacrifice now so that you can reap the rewards later on. Build like crazy and then enjoy residual traffic for a long time. Tough to do, believe me I know!

    @ Eapen – Absolutely! Master the fundamentals with one website, then branch out and tackle another one. I totally agree. Most people get this wrong and try to do too many projects all at once, and never master one of them. That is why I stick to a “one website at a time approach.” You actually build something successful that way before you move on.

  15. @ Tom – well that is a fair argument, that 3 quality articles per day will feel like a job.

    However, I was working a day job, 40 hours per week + when I created my six figure website. And I have to say, the freedom of just writing 3 articles per day is fantastic compared to having to drudge through 40 hours per week and answer to a boss and engage in office politics. That is just my personal take on it; others may differ.

    Plus, my hourly wage at my day job was under $20/hour. My computed “real” hourly wage before taxes online has been around $900/hour up until now. So it may be a job but the pay is hard to beat, no? To be fair, I should state that I believe I was at least somewhat lucky in my outcome. But, hard work and persistence will do wonders to create the same luck in the long run.

    As of right now I get out of bed around 9AM and puts around, answer emails, and crank out 2 quality articles before lunch, then I call it a day. Not quite 3 per day but hey, I am living the life here! Gotta love it.

    I wish you all the best in your online journey!

  16. Great write-up, Patrick. Enjoyed reading that quite a lot. I can relate perfectly to what you are saying. Everytime I walked into the office, it was like serving jailtime as I just could not wait for the working day to end. Just being in that little office space for hours on end without any freedom was just terrible. Now I am working a job part-time along with trying to work from home and I hope to make the latter my main income down the line.


  17. @ Jean – Awesome plan, I could not be more excited for you! Liberation from the day job is a life changing experience. I have been walking around just beaming with gratitude for several months now since I quit. Life just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for your comment.

  18. I had the same problem Patrick. I hated going into the office. Working for yourself and at home is the way to go for me.

  19. @ Shane – Totally agree. Once you get a taste of entrepreneurial freedom, it is hard to go back! Thanks for you comment!

  20. Hi Patrick,
    Your story is really inspirational and I’m sure it will motivate those who are trying to achieve their goal of being free from the 9-5 day job. Most people who are new to blogging normally get discouraged if they do not see any results in a matter of months. It really takes great determination to be able to keep blogging, especially if one is just a newbie.

  21. @ Felicia – Yes, you gotta be in it for the long haul, especially if you want sustainable online income. Hang in there!

  22. Great, actually guest posting is the best way to making some bulk visitors. Thanks for this helpful post

  23. Yeah i am very much agreed with the post.We should have only one Blog and mainly concentrate over this one.This is something very wise thing that you put all your efforts in a single blog than many.This would be better for the future also.

  24. Concentrating only one blog rather than many is quite beneficial and a wise thing to do.But we have to put all the efforts to bring that blog at a reasonable position in the google rankiongs.

  25. You opened my eyes. Thank you very much

  26. Thank you very much for your blog. Great inspiration.

  27. Great, actually guest posting is the best way to building some bulk visitors. Thanks for this helpful post

  28. Too good read. 3 posts a day was the same goal when I started my blogging career and after a period of time you can slow it down.

  29. Great post. Thanks for sharing this awesome article. Yes guest posting is very important and we should do it in regular basis to get the real taste of success.

  30. so interesting,but am sad for not knowing this site ealier.

  31. I totally agree with Patrick – it takes a lot of patience and you have to be consistent in providing quality. I was able to finally support myself after 4 months of hard work. It finally paid off though. Thanks!

  32. Great post. Really motivating for beginning bloggers who hit that wall.

  33. Hi Patrick,

    Like so many others, I hope to someday achieve the kind of success you are enjoying now. Lord knows I’m years away from that but I am going to follow every tip you and every worthwhile blogger have to give to get there.

  34. I admired your patience and perseverance to wait for 4 years. There is actually a great reward with waiting. You’re right time will pass anyways, although there are just times I want to give up between that waiting period. But what you wrote and the tips you’ve provided hopefully helps me and all the aspiring bloggers out there.

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