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How To Blog

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Are you using your blog as a successful networking tool to promote your products and services? Promoting anything successfully requires that you understand internet marketing. If you are not sure of the 123s of internet marketing, you need to learn them.

123s of Blogging
How 2.0 Blog

Search Engine Optimization

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase your site ranking. Use keywords that will ensure your site appears in the top results on any search engine. Which keywords do you use? It depends on what you’re trying to promote.

For example, if you are promoting a designer cocktail dress site, use keywords such as ‘Cheap designer cocktail dress’ or ‘designer dress for less’. You need to integrate these keywords naturally into your permanent text such as your biodata, title, header, and image alt tags.

Write Relevant Content

Are you blogging on topics that might interest not only your existing visitors, but also new visitors who might want to know something about your niche area? Do your blog posts include the keywords that reflect your niche area?

Post Comments On Related Blogs

Posting blogs on other sites helps to make their audience your audience, which works out to your benefit. Posting on other related blogs will help generate backlinks to your own blog, which will benefit your blog’s ranking. Make sure to include topically relevant keywords in your guest post.

Your comment will have a greater chance of being picked up by search engines, which will improve your search engine ranking in relation to the chosen keywords.

Always Respond To Guest Comments

If a visitor leaves a good, topically relevant and keyword rich comment on your blog, take the time to leave a comment on their blog including relevant keywords. Not only is this a professional courtesy, but it’s very important for generating backlinks and building a community. Encourage comments from people who are not from your niche area as well.

These outside comments are good, as they develop the perception of you as an authority on your niche area. If other bloggers follow you on Google Connect or Networked Blogs, show your support by liking their post on Facebook, or by posting a tweet about it, or something similar.

Set Up Keyword Alerts

Set up keyword alerts in Google so that you receive a daily email of the latest blogs that includes your name and your chosen keywords. Visit these blogs and leave a friendly, keyword rich comment. I have set keyword alerts for all of my blogs so that when my blogs are created containing my targeted keyword i.e. medifast discounts and nutrisystem coupons I get alerts so that I can prepare myself for the competition accordingly. These alerts are really useful from a blogger as well as a SEO professional’s point of view.

Keep Blogging

Don’t decide that you’ve done enough and rest. If you stop blogging on your site, your search engine ranking will drop like a rock. Your ranking will climb the more you post on other blogs. Keep an eye on your site ranking for search terms and your own name at least once in a week.

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So do you follow these blogging basics ? If not, do it when you write your next post & publish it.


  1. There is just a question in “Write Relevant Content” section.

  2. this title seems incorrect “Always Respond To Guest Blogs” …it should be Always Respond To Guest Comments….please check and correct…

    1. Thanks you for pointing out Rohit. Missed my eyes, Corrected now!

  3. A Nice Post Written Saksham. I will soon be looking at Google Alerts.

  4. Great tips on how to start blogging towards success! Looks like I need to setup keyword alerts to keep myself updated on the latest happening too! Thanks, Saksham.

    1. You’re always welcome Jas! 🙂

  5. Setting up google “keyword alerts” is something new for me as I never tried it before but I’m gonna use it and see my competition and prepare myself accordingly.

    1. It’s a new thing, but pretty useful!

  6. great tips. contest is the king. it is first thing you keep in mind rest can follow.

  7. Content has always been king with SEO as his queen. Thanks for the tips.

  8. Well Post Saksham! Replying for guest comment is always needed, it will surely help us to build community, I agree with your points.
    Thank you for sharing your views! 🙂

  9. Thanks for posting, i hadn’t thought of using keyword alert in Google, i best get onto that now.

  10. These are great guidelines, especially for new bloggers. But for slightly experienced bloggers like us, the guidelines could serve as good reminders too!

  11. Nice post Saksham. I specially liked google keyword alert . Will give it a try. Seems like a good thing to keep track. Thanx

  12. Hey saksham i do even follow your posts and like them a lot in the and like this one even.

  13. Those sort of content could be more helpful for newbie blogger like me. So, it’s really useful for me 🙂

  14. Another good one saksham…will be implementing them for sure.

  15. It’s really stuff to all the people 🙂

  16. Replying to comments is critical as it makes readers feel that the blog is run by humans and not machines. This helps in building long term and productive relationships with your readers.

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