4 Often Ignored Benefits of Blogging

Blog Benefits

This is a guest post by Bashir, who is a seasoned blogger. He also offers discount codes like Bistromd promotional codesweight watchers vouchers.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement if I say that eight out of ten blogs being launched these days are meant primarily for money making, and why not? Everybody has the right to make hay when the sun shines, similarly all of these bloggers are entitled to try and cash in when they see an opportunity, and there’s nothing wrong with the approach.

But money making is certainly not all a blog has in the offing, there are some very real, and even more long lasting benefits than some bucks coming your way.

In this article, I’ll be sharing at least five benefits of blogging that carry more weight than the monetary gains coming from a blog. And the best part is, you don’t need to let go of the monetary benefits, instead you can avail all of these benefits while making money at the same time.

Of course all of these benefits wouldn’t apply on everybody, but each one of them is worthy of going for.

We (bloggers) all need to do this daily, isn't it ?

#1 Stress Relief

Writing is a form of catharsis, for years; people have used the practice of “writing diaries” as a way to let out things which are destroying their peace of mind.

People suffering with high level of stress must give blogging a try, while it might not prove to be a cure, it will certainly help you take your mind away from the stressful thoughts, at least for a short period, and these short breaks will go a long way in breaking the monotonous chain of thoughts that results in stress.

#2 Weight Control

I’ve gone through the results of at least two studies suggesting that writing on meaningful topics will help you shed some extra pounds, or at least keeping your weight in check, and while doing so, you might be able to earn some extra bucks that you can spend on getting exercise equipment to help you maintain fitness.

Not only that, writing on these topics will let you learn a thing or two about the right diet or exercise plan to go for.

#3 Fame & Recognition

Blogging is a great way to gain some fame and recognition in your respective field. Some months of regular blogging will give you the recognition that would have taken years otherwise.

Having a blog is a great addition to your job resume, and a definite plus for your business card. From doctors to architect engineers, and from weight loss experts to fitness trainers, anybody can work on a blog to add another feather to their hat.

#4 Learning & Education

Blogging on a topic will encourage you to stay in touch with the latest developments and new studies, not only that, but you get some really insightful comments from your visitors every now and then, in short, blogging can be a very fulfilling experience as far as learning is concerned.

For example, when you are blogging on weight loss, you will have to read about the pros and cons of various weight loss methods, exercise programs, diet plans, and all, and after some time, you will be having a lot more information on the topic.

Do you agree with these four points ?


  1. yeah … i guess nowadays ppl tend to forget that

  2. Bashir,
    I disagree with points 1 and 2, but strongly agree with points 3 and 4. Creating the FREE WordPress and Thesis Theme Video Tutorials for my blog are a lot of work. They add stress, they don’t decrease my stress levels because there is so much to think about so that the video still has value one to two years from now. Exercise is how I keep my weight down, cycling, actually. But blogging does allow me to learn so much about Internet Marketing and creating and marketing blogs and since my videos have now been watched on YouTube over 47,000 times, I guess I’m getting a little famous, some might say, in my own small little world. LOL!

    — Jupiter Jim

  3. Hi Jupiter,

    When i said blogging can help with stress or weight control, i was actually talking about writing your heart out, not “blogging for money” … that’s why the example of writing diaries. Thanks for your feedback though, and i agree, blogging can get doubly stressful when you are taking it as a job.

  4. Thank you Bashir this is some thing different point you noticed about blogging.I agree with your 2,3,4 points but 1st point a disagree with that.

  5. I guess it depends on why you are blogging and what topics you are discussing. If you are using your blog as a journal or diary, it may alleviate stress. However, if you operate a business blog and are responsible for keeping it active with relevant content that can cause stress.

  6. It is a major stress reliever. I have found over the years you don’t always have to make money from a blog.

  7. yes i’m agree with all of your points.

  8. Wow i had no idea blogging could offer some of those benefits, weight control really. Learn something new everyday. Thank you for sharing , Very interesting.

  9. Agree with all the points Bashir. Besides making money, Blogging helps to build fame and also improve our typing speed 🙂

  10. how about those who blog just for fun, or those like me who blog to send a word out there that dictator Mugabe is killing his people? some of us don’t blog for bucks!

  11. Bashir, great post there buddy.

    Stress relief? If you were writing personal diaries, it’d certainly be stress relief, a “catharsis” as you rightly said. But no, blogging isn’t like writing your diary ( although it’s very similar). If I set aside a frequency like 5 days a week ( one blog post per day) and also have to promote my blog, engage on social media, etc., it’s a lot of work.

    It might all look exciting and great for a few months maybe, but for years? I doubt it. That’s why not everyone makes it to the top.

    I don’t want to douse fire on the exciting prospects of blogging, but all I want to do is to be honest and tell you upfront that blogging can cause heart ache, head aches, and lots of frustration. I worked for 7 years writing blog posts for others and I just know how my clients struggled, remained patient, but made it to the top.

    Oh yes, there’s tons of learning and education. No doubt 🙂

  12. Hi Bashir,
    I never knew that blogging could give you weight control benefits. Mostly, I think it is the other way around – blogging can make us become fat or overweight. This is due to the fact that we normally sit in front of the computer for hours at a time, and while doing stuff on the computer, we tend to overeat snacks, etc. Well, I guess blogging can also make us lose weight or control our weight, especially if we really do not eat anything in front of the computer, and we spend the money we earn from blogging to help us in being fit and healthy. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Great points Bashir!…Never thought about all these hidden benefits of blogging…I ‘ve been mainly focused on making money with it, it’s nice to know it is not completely a waste of time even if money making takes time

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