Do’s and Don’ts to Make more Money from Blogging Without Annoying Your Audience

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Blogging is more than just writing and posting online; making more money too. Blogs can be a passion for few who are hardcore writers. Certain people may treat blogging as a way to express their feelings, share their knowledge and promote their products.

If you are going to spend an hour or so each day for blogging then you can categorize it under passion or hobby, but if you are spending about half your conscious time in blogging, then you surely need to rewarded.

Are comments and likes enough? No.

Make More Money
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When you can make more money from your passion then that is real achievement. You need to monetize your blog for that. But, you can’t neglect or annoy the audience for the sake of earning because they are your prime priority. How to balance between these two? Let’s see.

Advertisements – They Make or Break your audience

Immediate thought on hearing the phrase “monetize” will leave us in advertising. Advertisements can be done through a variety of methods; be it contextual, affiliate ads or whatever (like Yahoo!, Google AdSense) your ads must be very delicate.

Infolinks Related Tags can be considered as a CPC alternative if you are not getting Approved by AdSense or earning very less from it.


  • First concentrate on readership, once you have a consistent set of audience then you can start advertising.
  • Advertise products that are relevant to your theme or concept. For e.g. if your blog is about discount coupons you can put advertisements to coupon discounts of products such as Bistro MD or Diet to go coupons. But you cannot be selling Problogger’s ebook there!
  • Maintain an efficient side bar for ads.


  • Flashy ads that blink or the ads in funky colors are a big turn off; they irritate the readers and break your reputation.
  • Fake ads are becoming a big concern these days. Most people won’t click on the ad until they can trust it; few other people if they are disappointed with the ad, they may never visit your page again. So always put ads that you personally trust.
  • Don’t place your ad at top of your blog or in between your blog title and post. This irritates your audience and also makes them feel that ads are your main purpose.
  • Pop up ads – unless you are selling your own product, pop ups for affiliate products can be really annoying.

Make more Money with Affiliation – Make it & Mark it

Affiliating programs (dropping product names and getting paid for it) are one of the most effective ways to earn more money without irritating your audience.


  • Join relevant affiliate programs. For this you may use Amazon Associates or any other resource that offers good affiliate programs.
  • You can mix-match products from various resources.
  • Mark your affiliate links; this is necessary if you have lot of audience (intelligent ones).


  • Don’t over populate your page with affiliate links.
  • Don’t write only about affiliate products in your blog. You must first provide value; monetization comes next.
  • Do not write fake reviews or promote products that you have not tried yourself.

Got another business? Link to it

Apart from blogging you have businesses like styling, dress designing, keychain designing, catering etc? Then advertise them on your blog. This will be a dual benefit to you


  • Be the business relevant or not, just make sure that the readers know that the product you advertise is also yours (this will add a sense of trust to them).
  • Try to use short but catch phrases in your ads. A banner on a prominent position will do otherwise.


  • Don’t over concentrate on the ads and do injustice to your blogging. You may not drive your traffic away to your “other” business.

Of course, making money with blogging is what every blogger deserves. And as many of you might think, making money with blogging is not an impossible thing. If you use the right strategies, you could easily make more money even without you knowing it.

Provide value, gain trust. You will do great!

So do you practice any other method to make more money from your blog without driving your readers/audience away ?


  1. I support that Funky Flashy Banner ads and Popup are a big turn downs but even more annoying are the popunders that some websites employ just coz it earns them more!!

  2. Popup ads are the worst as they really distract the reader from the blog/site. Many times I have just closed the browser window because of popup ads that appear as I visit the page.

    If you use ad program such as AdSense you may not the ability of preventing certain flashy ads from appearing, unless you go into your account and prohibit them from displaying. There are enough of those ads to not make it worthwhile.

    1. Paul, exactly. That is the drawback about using third party ad systems. We don’t have total control over what is being displayed on our own site(!) and if we choose to manually approve every ad, that will be a tedious task.

  3. I agree that putting more ads in the blog would eventually break the audience especially for those who really want to read your article but not ads. Putting ads only when your blog reach a certain amount of reader is the best way to make money via blogging.

  4. You can hurt your brain if you think too hard about some of these things, but they all are important and I will say you will come out on top if you can implement some of them.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  5. There is certainly a fine balance to this. With more testing and experience, over time you will definitely find that balance. In the end though you can never make all sides happy so in my opinion, you just gotta try to meet that middle ground. I always try to stay away from popup ads or anything that would annoy me personally if I was visiting my own website.


    1. Jean, yes that’s how we should learn. It is basically common sense. If we are offended by a certain thing while visiting other websites, we should not put that thing on our own website. Simple!

      1. Jane, you are right, it can be a simple thing as you say.


    2. Yes, Pop-up ads are so irritating, so I’ll leave often page directly.

  6. In fact, blogging is one of the correct directions to earn money without any error. And, it will be more helpful to all blogger in the world wide too. Thank you so much for given excellent post on here 🙂

  7. Great share Jane …

    Strongly agree with Anoop and Paul regarding Pop under ads … Also I like your do’s and dont’s in affiliates

  8. Hi Jane, I would like to tell you that this is the 2nd guest post of yours, i am reading on the same day. I got to know you through Ms. Ileane’s – Basic Blog Tips where she has rewarded you as the Most Beautiful Blogger. Then i got this post of yours.Regarding “Do’s and Don’ts ………” I am agree with Jean. You can find the optimal way for ads through continuous testing and analysis but certain things like popup or pop under ads are always annoying.Daniel

    1. Thanks Daniel. I am glad that you found me for the second time the same day. I love to guest post and these days, I am not saving any brilliant ideas for my own blog. I tend to guest blog them. Is this an addiction? I don’t know 🙂

  9. Pop-up ads and blog pages that look like a Christmas trees with stars and flashing ad, I leave that immediately, no matter how well the author is. He / she has already killed the blog.

  10. Blogs that have reached a good standing with traffic inflow, can be monetized and used for affiliate marketing purposes to make money fast!

  11. well though nice article still the saying aren’t implemented by authors:P Though putting ads between blog and blog title is annoying but it can make more money. Well should be implementing the ideas on my blog

  12. I will take care of your tips for blogging or make money online.

  13. Hello Jane.

    I think for me, the most important points you mentioned here (from my experience) is to keep your affiliate products within your niche, keep them minimal and to link to your other business is a must – it’s yours after all. Kind of you to share dos and don’t from your experience.

  14. Well it is mentioned that not to put the ad between the title and post but if you check its like that in this very same post…Lol

    1. Agreed. But this is a Guest post, not a post written by me. And I don’t quite agree with that point. But that’s what you get in Guest Posting. We can have differences. But everybody has a right to make his/her view.

    2. Shaan, thanks for you comment. However, what I have written in this post is purely my opinion, while Mani may have a different opinion. I cannot make everyone to follow the tips in this post; I can only suggest. But depending upon every person’s business plan, their strategies can be different too.

      Thanks Mani for the reply!

  15. i think these tips are really useful for every blogger who really do blogging for money.

  16. yes anything that starts without our permission is annoying. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  17. That’s a very nice summary, Jane. So many bloggers get carried away in the rush to make money that they post too many ads and I know from personal experience that random pop-up ads are very irritating. But on the other hand, some ads are always needed. So, based on someone’s blog popularity, they need to make a compromise between what might be acceptable to their reader base and what might be too much.

  18. Totally Agree with author, One more point is , don’t put too much Inline Ads with different Advt .service providers,also don’t put too much of Scripts of ads ,which surly loose ur traffic

  19. I have always haten ads in websites or blog. As a webmaster I prefer not to place advertisements on the websites I develop, so as to make them appear more professional and “clean”

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