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Blog Better

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Do you have lots of information that you can’t keep anymore? As if you have the feeling of irritation if you can’t let it out? Shout it to the world, and let the people know what you feel. Let them share their opinions and together inform the world about your freedom.

Feel free to share your opinions to the world through the internet. You can blog it! Stick with this article and it will help you how to become a good blogger, in other words It will make you blog better than ever.

A blogger is person who feels free to share his or her opinions to the whole world. The bloggers used the internet and the computer in sharing news and opinions. This is the modern means of the people today in expressing and gathering opinions.

This will serve as their emotional outlet on some issues and events that will capture the interest of the people.

Want to make your own blog? Here are some useful tips that will surely help you. If you already have a blog up, then you can refer to some of these blogging tips listed below and blog better.

Blogging Tips :-

Better Blogging Tips
Better Blogging Tip List

1. Stick to your Niche (Niche Blogging)

If you will create your blog, don’t forget to prioritize this tip. Readers are likely to be interested in reading if they can still follow the flow of your content. Though this is expressing of opinions, be reminded that not all opinions will apply to the topic.

If you will just express anything, readers will be confused and will not continue to read your blog.

2. Be informative

Make sure that you are giving the factual information of the topic. This will affect your reputation as a blogger and a person as well. Do not ever forget that blogging is not merely expressing opinions alone but also information.

People will be captured to read if you are sharing factual information and not gossip.

3. Choose Hot Topics within your Niche

In capturing the interest of the reader, you must be updated. Choose topics that will capture the readers. These interesting topics are those present news and existing issues. No one is interested to read if they already know the issue that happened a long time ago.

Niche blogs will win the race against Non-Niche blogs when it comes to Search Engine Competition.

4. Schedule your Posts before you get Busy

Make your own schedule and follow it. If you want to create a reliable blog to the people, stick with your schedule. This will create trust to your audience or readers. They will not waste their time with the outdated updates of your blog site.

There’s a big possibility that they will look for another updated blog sites. This is very dangerous for your blog site; it could mean loosing your audience.

If you are going out somewhere or you get busy due to other work, then it’s important to send out posts regularly i.e. to Schedule posts. WordPress by default comes with a Scheduling option.

5. Keep it Simple, Silly!

Produce Quality Content which is pretty simple to read, so that your readers don’t face a hard time in understanding it. This will help the global audience to have easy connections on your topic.

Do not use strange languages and acronyms without explanation. But, if you can make it simple then it will create a clear flow.

6. Keyword Research

If you want to attract the audience to read your blog, you should include the key word in the title. Good titles will not exceed 12 words. Remember to cut short your title (supplied to Search Engines), and keep it under 70 characters.

Blog titles will serve as the bait to your audience to read your blog.

7. Quality + Quantity = Better Blogging

You must create quality content of your blog. This will make your blog accessible to all search engines. Keep your old posts into the blog archives to open the door of related contents of the theme.

Quality Content is definitely the king, but if you don’t write long posts i.e. min. 350-400 words, then the Keyword Density would be pretty less & it will harm your On Page SEO to an extent.

8. Blog Consistently

If you will date the content of your blog regularly, this will create bonds to the search engines. Every time a person will search for the related topics/the latest topic, your blog is surely on the lists.

Check whether your RSS Feeds are getting pinged to other Feed sites or manually ping your blog using Pingomatic.

9. Re-Read your Content after Writing

Do not forget to review or check your work it is important to remember that you have the whole world as your audience. Do not put yourself into shame. Read again your work, it might have wrong spellings or wrong grammar.

If you don’t want to be mocked by the readers, check your work. If your first language is not English, then you should consider improving your writing skills & increase your command over english using TheFreeDictionary.

Writing Tips :-

These are the basic tips that will surely give benefits to the aspiring blogger. With these you can share your opinions to the whole world. Follow these steps and you’ll definitely see yourself blogging better.

Drop in your point of view or tip if you got one. Would love to read them!


  1. Hey Kevn
    It’s really informative posting about blogging tips. But dont forget to do off page optimization.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Really very nice and important blogger tips for new blogger, Thanks

  3. useful tips for newbies. Proofread is an important step before you hit the publish button. i myself proofread articles twice or even thrice until I’m satisfied!!! Anyways, thanks for the great write up.

  4. Really effective Tips! I would ofcourse follow them while blogging!

  5. Nice tips. If you continue to write quality content consistently, then that can work wonders even if you have not been SEO conscious. You will find many bloggers who are not that much proficient technically and do not know anything about the SEO etc, still they are able to get a good ranking and traffic and ofcourse revenue. This is only because they are master of the topic they are writing on which beings them lots of positive reputation and credibility.

  6. Completely done! While all are important, I think this will make our blogs better if done correctly. I loved the last tip as I am guilty with it. Thanks for sharing this great list.

  7. Really great post! Enjoyed, consistency is required thats all majority of bloggers dont do including me!

  8. Those 9 tips would be help you to own a blog on here. At the time, your post could be more informative 🙂

  9. You also have to keep in mind “whats in it for your readers”, otherwise, your bounce rate would be off the charts. And visitors would not likely to return to your website.

  10. These are terrific tips to blog better. I plan to come back and look at this article in further when I have a bit more time. Quality articles is what keeps them coming back.

  11. Great tips and thoughts on writing a great post. Proofreading is my nemesis, I have learned to save my posts as drafts then leave them alone for a couple hours before giving it a final read and approval. If I don’t give myself this down time then my eyes glaze over and I stop seeing each word and it’s relation to the post.

  12. Blog is one of the basic platform to share your opinions to the globe through the web -it’s my opinion. Thank you so much for sharing your post on here 🙂

  13. What Is Good at Your View Blogger Or WordPress?

  14. Consistent blogging is important than any other in this list, but it is thing that every blogger avoids and never do. In my case same happened now 🙁 I am very lazy these days to make posts. 😛

  15. Thank you for the tips, really helping me and easy to understand, im just in learning process, before my blog haywire 🙂 will visit back..ty

  16. I learn a lot from here. It gives me clearer insights on making an effective blog. Maybe my weakness in points you stated is blogging consistently. That would be the are ill try to developed. tnx alot

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