How to Transfer your FeedBurner Feeds

Transfer FeedBurner Feeds

Many Bloggers have AdSense on one Google Account & their FeedBurner Feeds on another.

It is not possible to Monetize such feeds as they are not associated to your AdSense account.

And believe me if you’ve a Blog with huge number of Email Subscribers, then should add AdSense to your RSS Feeds.


Transfer Feeds from One Google Account to Another One

FeedBurner gives us the liberty to transfer feeds from your current account to the other. For that you need to Login to your existing FeedBurner Account.

Then click on the Desired Feed Title. Now, you’ll find the ‘Transfer Feed’ link at the top portion of the page. Clicking that will result in an Input box as seen in the image below.

Transfer Feed Option in FeedBurner
Transfer Feed Option in FeedBurner

Now enter the Email Address to which, you want to transfer your FeedBurner Feed. Hit the ‘Send Transfer Acceptance Request’ and a Confirmation Email will be sent to that Email ID.

Google says that you’ll receive the Confirmation Email within 72 hours. But you’ll get it within a few seconds.

See the image below to have a brief idea how that Confirmation Email looks.

FeedBurner Feed Transfer Request
FeedBurner Feed Transfer Request

That’s It! Your Feeds would be transferred once you hit the Confirmation link.

Are you using AdSense for Feeds ?


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  2. Awesome! I forgot I could do this – I have two feedburner accounts and I’m always logging in and out to get to them. This is a big help for me because I will transfer all the feeds to my gmail account now. Sweet!!

    1. Glad to see that it could help you 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I have one account feed burner and i have one website and several blogs in the same niche. So my question is can i put email subscription code to all of them , or only in my main website which i have burn the rss. Thanks……..

    1. You can use the same RSS Also. It’s upto you.

  4. Nice Trick. I have done this somedays back.

  5. The newly added “Follow By Email” gadget in blogger recognizes the feedburner feed associated with blogger admin and makes it easy for readers to follow the blog by email. So I needed to transfer my blog feeds from another Google account and I found this post of yours useful in revealing how to get it done. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. I have searched this post everywhere but at last found it here, Knowledgeable post thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for great info!!

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