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25+ Eye-Opening Testimonials Statistics in 2020

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Consumer testimonials are very powerful tools that help to build trust and credibility, as well as increase website conversions.
Reading and watching testimonials has become a natural part of the customer journey. You can increase the chances of winning new customers by ensuring your company has several testimonials. Testimonials could be on your website or external sites.

5 Tips to Write a Catchy Google AdWords Advertisement


Google AdWords

AdWords is Google’s bread and butter. This is where the majority of its income comes from. The reason is simple: it works. AdWords brings in revenue for advertisers because Google is really good at serving relevant content to users all over the world. In order to take advantage of this massive advertising platform, you have... Read More

5 Ways to find a Sponsor for your Blog


Find Blog Sponsors

This is a guest post by Zocco who writes about discount deals at coupons blog where he regularly shares TRX discount coupons and ereleases coupon codes. Check out his latest blog post where he covers trx training coupon code and ereleases coupon code. It’s never too soon to find a sponsor for your blog. By getting a sponsor,... Read More

How to Monetize Your WordPress Blog


Advertising Space

A whole lot of money is made on the Internet using websites and blogs. Since WordPress is one of the top content management systems available, it makes sense that there will be a lot of good ways to monetize a WordPress blog. While on the surface it may seem like there are only a few... Read More

Add the Infolinks Related Tags to increase your CTR & earnings



Infolinks, the leader in In-text advertising; introduced it’s Related Tags feature. They also mentioned on their blog, that they have tested this feature with some 200 premium publishers or publishers who have been connected with Infolinks & earn a handsome amount from them. The outcome of this was that, most of them (200+ Publishers)  gave... Read More