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3 Tips to Double your Blog Traffic


In Blogging, the most important thing is to keep Blogging and produce Killer Content from time to time. To do that you need to stick to the points mentioned in the 123s of Blogging. Sometimes, as a blogger you feel the need to double your blog traffic. But, it’s not that easy to just double your... Read More

How To Blog : 123s Of Blogging


How To Blog

This is a Guest Post by Saksham, who is a Tech Blogger who has started Medifast promo discount for April and Nutrisystem discount promos for 2011 in his blog. If you wish to write a Guest post on DailyBlogging, then read the Guidelines on ‘Become A DailyBlogger‘ page & we’ll publish it after a review. Are you using... Read More

3 Tips to Get Killer Blog Post Ideas


Get An Idea

Sometimes it just becomes pretty much difficult for a blogger to generate quality content. The reason behind this is, that the blogger is not able to get killer blog post ideas. If one doesn’t have new and unique ideas, then how can you expect him to convert it into a killer content which will bring... Read More

3 Tips to Stay Fit and Energetic for Blogging this Summer



Well, you might have already felt the rise in mercury starting last week. At least in this part of the world (India) Summer has begun. We were actually blessed with a longer winter season this year. It felt so good to work in such a calm & pleasant climate. But now things have started to... Read More

5 Tips to Produce Killer Content on your Blog


produce killer content

This is a Guest Post by Usman Rana from FirstHosting, which provides Managed Offshore VPS and Unamanaged Offshore VPS at cheap rates. If you are a blogger, then you might be aware that’s its very hard to write an article which can increase the readers interest in your writing/blog. And to always come up with... Read More

3 Ways to Deal with Negative Comments on your Blog



On Tuesday we saw a list of plugins to prevent Spam Comments. But Spam isn’t the only thing bloggers have to deal with. They even have to deal with negative comments. Some deal with it, in a counter-attacking way whereas others deal it in a very soft manner. Now which is the right way to... Read More

5 Tips to Avoid Unwanted Distractions while Writing a Post


Avoid Distractions

Just one day to go for the weekends to arrive. It’s really been a tiring week. The temperature has increased considerably & the sweat has again started to flow all over the body. But still I’m fit for blogging. So, let’s start with today’s post, which is all about avoiding distractions while writing a post.... Read More

How Blogging Helps in Making you a Better Person


Better Person

There are loads of Benefits of Blogging. The major one’s people talk about is the fame, money; a blogger gets if he is successful. Often, people tend to forget that Blogging makes you a Better & Improved person. That’s the most important Benefit of Blogging. You tend to become more organized in your work, learn... Read More