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4 Pillars of a Successful Blogging Career


Blogging Pillars

Today, there are millions of blogs in the Blogosphere. But every blog owner needs to ask him/herself : Whether his Blogging Career is Successful or not ? I’m sure only a bunch full of blog owners would come out with a positive answer. That’s the bitter truth one needs to admit. You need to invest... Read More

3 Effective Ways to Promote your Posts


Promote your Posts

We have talked about Writing Quality Posts to achieve success in Blogging. But even after Producing Quality Content, you may still face the situation wherein your posts get only 20 or 30 Unique Visits. Now a Question would be surfacing in your mind i.e. Why ? Content is the King, still no Success ?? The... Read More

3 Simple Tips to Produce Quality Content on Single Niche Blogs


Niche Blogging

Well, it becomes difficult when your blog is based on a Single niche. Unlike Tech Blogs, in such Single Niched blogs it’s difficult to produce content daily. I’m not talking about a blog having a Single niche, say Technology. Technology is a vast niche. It includes many sub-categories under it. I used to blog on... Read More

How to Transfer your FeedBurner Feeds


Transfer FeedBurner Feeds

Many Bloggers have AdSense on one Google Account & their FeedBurner Feeds on another. It is not possible to Monetize such feeds as they are not associated to your AdSense account. And believe me if you’ve a Blog with huge number of Email Subscribers, then should add AdSense to your RSS Feeds. Read : Add... Read More

5 Things a Blogger should Keep in Mind while Writing a Post


5 things a Blogger should keep in mind

In the Blogosphere its often said that Quality is what matters the most. But the puzzle among most of the Bloggers is “How to Achieve that Quality in their Posts ?”. The basic way with which you can turn an average content into a quality content is by keeping in mind certain points while writing... Read More

Join the Talent Bloggers Program launched by Quanik Media


Quanik Media

Today, Blogging is looked upon as something different from what it was looked upon a few years ago. It’s not something that you write something casually and people like it. There are lots of things a Blogger needs to look out for when starting a blog. A Blogger needs a nice Domain name & a... Read More

5 Reasons why you should Redesign your blog


Reasons Behind Redesigning your Blog

Every blogger comes to a stage when he starts feeling that he needs to raise the level of blogging. In such a situation there arises a demand for a redesign. Few days back even I started thinking that way. The reason behind this redesign was the feedback I received in terms of traffic for the... Read More

5 things a Blogger should do to show his care towards his readers


Blogging Tips

This is a Guest Post by David Smith who works for Conversion Optimization Company Invesp and enjoys writing on SEO, landing pages , conversion rate optimization and affiliate marketing. Blogging is all about developing relationships with your target audience and helping them by sharing useful information with them which they can use to solve their... Read More