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HowTo : Solve ‘the file-format module cannot parse the file’ error in Photoshop



Yesterday, when I was working on a client’s site, I got an error in Photoshop while using a .PNG file which normally works pretty well in Photoshop (PS). This error was new to me & it seemed weird too. Then I started researching on this weird PS error & found some solutions to not overcome it actually, but you can call it alternatives

How To replace Rs. with the new Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word

As I had mentioned in this post (Foradian Technologies reveals the 2.0 version of Rupee Foradian) that I would be posting an HowTo post soon enough on DailyBlogging. So today I will show you how to replace the normal Rs. which is normally used to show that the amount is in INR (Indian Rupee) with... Read More

How To disable Adobe Flash Player support in Chrome


Flash Player Icon

In the last Post, I wrote about the Chrome Fastball game experiencing downtime due to high traffic. Today I will be giving a small tutorial on HowTo disable the Adobe Flash Player support for chrome provided by Google. But I don’t think its necessary to disable a support for flash player since nowadays many sites... Read More