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How many People Use Facebook?

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Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world.

Facebook has become a part of our daily routine. Facebook has entered everyone’s lives so effortlessly.

It’s important to look into the numbers of Facebook usage to get a full picture of how its usage has changed over the years.

Earthquake : Mild tremors felt in suburbs of Mumbai



First of all without going on with the topic, would like to inform all my readers that it’s basically a tremor. Not a big disastrous earthquake. So stop panicking & continue reading. It’s said that the earthquake which shook Fuji with a Richter Scale of 5.9 has come to Mumbai but with a much lower... Read More

What you can do to contribute towards campaigns like the Meterjam



The word Meterjam might be new to you, though unlike Traffic Jam which creates pollution; Meterjam creates awareness. Nowadays due to the influence of Social Media, many campaigns are taken up against injustice & most of the time it creates awareness among people mainly youth & brings about a change in the society. These campaigns... Read More

Indian Rupee gets a new currency Symbol


Indian Currency

Today, it’s a day to be proud of for Indians, we have a new symbol like other developed nations in the world. There were five designs among which this one was selected. The five designs also found a panel of five members to pass through the selection process. Though the five members had to select... Read More