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A Gentle Comparison between Windows 8, 7 and Vista


Windows 8 Apps

This is a Guest Post by Praveen, who is associated with a website hosting company which has a very good web site hosting reviews. Many maybe surprised to hear that Windows 8 is already on its way (Truth is that only the Windows 8 Developer Preview is out, the Final release will only be in... Read More

7 Things to look out for in a Laptop if you are a Professional



This is a Guest Post by Anna Watson who has a great  experience in Laptop Repair in Ztronic industry. She is writing on behalf of Paul Adams and likes computers, video games, gadgets, movies, television, blogs, and web design. If you are a busy professional, always on the road, then your laptop should be your best friend.... Read More

3 Tips for Choosing a Camera Phone


Camera Phone

This is a Guest Post by Simon. You can find more help on selecting your ideal camera phone at best mobile contracts. So you’re looking for a phone that you can replace your compact camera with. It can be a bit of a hassle having to carry a number of devices around with you and being able... Read More

5 Good things about Android OS that will make you say ‘YES’


Android OS

This is a Guest Post by Praveen, who is a known blogger in the blogosphere who is sharing coupon code and Hostrocket coupon code for the benefits of the users. If you would also like to write for us then, Submit your Guest Post after reading the guidelines at the ‘Become A DailyBlogger‘ page. Android was first... Read More

Import Emails and Contacts from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail with Gmail Switch


Gmail Switch

About 6 years ago I had opened an account on Yahoo! Mail. At that time Yahoo! was clearly ahead of everyone including MSN or Hotmail in the Email line. Two years later Google launched it’s own mail service i.e. Gmail. But Google did a smart thing to create a hype around Gmail. Gmail was open... Read More

Gmail Adds the Click to Call Feature Inside Mails


Gmail hyperlinked numbers

Quite a while back, Gmail had introduced the call to mobile phones feature; with which one could call to a phone number directly from your Gmail Account. But the unfortunate thing is, it’s still FREE only to US & Canada users. Today, Gmail has added another feature named ‘Click to Call’ in it’s Call function.... Read More

T-Drive will help you reach faster when you are travelling by road


GPS System to help in traffic jams

We all face the irritating traffic jams while travelling by road, whether it’s you personal vehicle or you prefer a public transport. The condition of the roads is not up to mark in certain routes. Some routes where the construction works such as flyovers, skywalks, etc. are always found to be congested during the peak... Read More

Google Chrome team to offer free Wi-Fi in flights this holiday season


WiFi in Aircraft

We all know, this season is a festive season. Though in India the festive season is on full swing, as Dussehra & Diwali just got over. In USA the celebrations are about to begin as all are geared up for Christmas eve. Also, most schools & colleges have holidays during this winter season. Many families... Read More