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Gmail Adds the Click to Call Feature Inside Mails


Gmail hyperlinked numbers

Quite a while back, Gmail had introduced the call to mobile phones feature; with which one could call to a phone number directly from your Gmail Account. But the unfortunate thing is, it’s still FREE only to US & Canada users. Today, Gmail has added another feature named ‘Click to Call’ in it’s Call function.... Read More

T-Drive will help you reach faster when you are travelling by road


GPS System to help in traffic jams

We all face the irritating traffic jams while travelling by road, whether it’s you personal vehicle or you prefer a public transport. The condition of the roads is not up to mark in certain routes. Some routes where the construction works such as flyovers, skywalks, etc. are always found to be congested during the peak... Read More

Google Chrome team to offer free Wi-Fi in flights this holiday season


WiFi in Aircraft

We all know, this season is a festive season. Though in India the festive season is on full swing, as Dussehra & Diwali just got over. In USA the celebrations are about to begin as all are geared up for Christmas eve. Also, most schools & colleges have holidays during this winter season. Many families... Read More

BlackBerry Messenger services to continue till January end


RIM BlackBerry

A few months back there was an issue among Asian & middle-east countries with RIM (Research In Motion) the creator of BlackBerry over the various security treats caused by it’s Messenger services. Earlier, it was given a deadline till the 31st of August, but there were constant negotiations between the Indian government & RIM’s owners.... Read More

Bangalore buses goes Online with ICE


ICE - On the Wheels

Did you get a glimpse of what the title meant ? It means that BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) will now provide it’s passengers access to Internet & information containing Softwares. Currently, this service is embedded only in the Vayu Vajra bus service which plies from ITPB (International Tech Park Bangalore) formerly know as ITPL... Read More

Nokia C7 Smartphone mainly focused on Social Networking


Nokia C7 features

Today Nokia Unveiled it’s new Smartphone i.e. the Nokia C7. By seeing it’s features, one can easily guess that it’s mainly focused on Social Networking. It’s probably good that Technology & Social Media have become an integral part of our lives. With many phones coming out with Dedicated social networking keys; which gives one touch access... Read More

Mozilla steps into the Android market with Firefox 4 Beta


Firefox for Android

Last week we had talked about the Skype Android app, which would ultimately make the wall of difference between a Computer & a mobile phone thinner. Nowadays big companies have shifted focus from the usual desktop & turned over to the mobile phone’s market. It’s because they get enormous success, as 20% or more Internet... Read More

Now use Skype on Android based phones


Skype Android Application

Skype – one of the most used desktop applications had already evolved when it revealed the 10 way group video calling feature in Skype 5.0. This time it has come up with another major update. So it’s time for users, whose cell phones are powered by Android to cheer up; as Skype has stepped into... Read More