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Nokia unveils Ovi Browser Beta for Series 40 phones



Today, Nokia unveiled the Beta version of Ovi Browser for its low-cost mobile phone series; S40. After Opera Mini’s huge success in the mobile browser industry, Nokia decided to come up with its own Browser and since Ovi stands out to be its most famous and recent concept. It integrated the browser with it and... Read More

YouTube Easter Egg – Press the left key and play the Snake game



YouTube always brings something special in it. This April it changed the video player design which made it look more Elegant. Also adding lot of useful features in the video page itself. Then it came with Leanback feature which allows us to see videos on YouTube just like you are watching TV. During the FIFA... Read More

Kapil Sibal unveils the 1500 rupees laptop for college students and teachers


Cheapest Laptop

Kapil Sibal, The Union Minister for Human Resource Development (HRD) in India today unveiled the cheap and usable laptop for college students and professors at a meager cost of `1500 (1500 Rupees). This development has gone forward with improvements in certain areas as compared to the `500

Foradian Technologies reveals the 2.0 version of Rupee Foradian


Indian Rupee Font

As we all know that on 15th July Indian Rupee got a new Currency Symbol which was wisely chosen by an IIT Graduate. But there was a buzz in the internet world on HowTo use this symbol since it needs approval from Unicode for the symbol to get international recognition and for internet users to

ISRO plans to send two Indians into space in 2013


ISRO Satellite Image

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) is deeply thinking to send out 2 Indians in space along with the PSLV (Polar Satellite Launching Vehicle) in the year 2013 after Successfully launching the PSLV-c15 carrying 5 Satellites from Sriharikota. It is said that they will stay there for a week’s time in a low-earth orbit. After ISRO... Read More

ISRO successfully launches 5 satellites using the PSLV – C15 from Sriharikota



ISRO today successfully launched 5 satellites from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre which is situated in Sriharikota & is 100km to the north of Chennai. After they launched the PSLV – c14 last September which carried the Oceansat – 2 satellite and six other nano satellites. This time it was the turn of PSLV –... Read More

ViewSonic shocks the market with 27 Inch HD Monitor


ViewSonic Image

ViewSonic which is considered as the one of the most trustable LCD sellers  for PC, has now moved into another line by launching its 27 Inch HD Monitor. It sounds as if its just a normal monitor. But not, its basically meant to be used as a Television set, though it is said by the... Read More

Airtel & Facebook team up to offer 2 Months free Facebook access

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Airtel & Facebook Team up to offer 2 months free Facebook Access

The hot news revolving around us today is that, Airtel the largest network service provider in India has teamed up with Facebook to offer 2 months free Facebook access to its customers. This offer will be valid from July to August. Facebook has wisely chosen Airtel to introduce itself to the one’s who still don’t... Read More