Giveaway : 20 BT:Engage Invites to Enter Private BETA

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As promised in my HowTo post on Creating Custom Browser Themes, here is the Giveaway post for BT:Engage Invites. I hope you’ve read that post entirely else you won’t have an idea what BT:Engage is. To Explain shortly, BT:Engage is an online tool which help you in creating Custom Browser Themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE).

BT:Engage is still not launched publicly as it’s currently under the press preview stage. So with these invites you would be able to access BT:Engage and create your own custom browser themes  before anyone else could.

BT Engage Invites

BT:Engage Overview

Since it’s my first Giveaway on DailyBlogging, there won’t be any sort of rules or conditions for entering the content or for that matter; winning the giveaway. It’s a first come first win kind of giveaway. I hope that makes it pretty simple for you to get the invite code right way and start creating browser themes of your choice.

BT:Engage Invites

  • First go to BT:Engage and click on ‘Create an Account’. You’ll now be taken to the Registration page.
  • In the first Input box enter the below mentioned Invite Code and fill rest of the details which they’ve asked for.
  • Finally hit the ‘Create My Account’ button.

Invite Code : dailyblog

Remember this invite code is specially created for the readers of DailyBlogging and it can be used by only 20 users. After 20 users have used this invite, the code will become invalid. So as I said earlier first come first win. Advance congratulations to the winners. I hope you enjoy the Giveaway and BT:Engage’s features.

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So, to the winners of this giveaway; how did you like the concept of BT:Engage ?

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  1. Tino Subtract

    Thanks for the invites? What company makes this browser theme tool?

    • #

      As mentioned in the review post, it’s BrandThunder who makes BT:Engage.

  2. #

    thanks mate, i have just registered on bt invite usinf the invitation code dailyblog

  3. #

    Cool Giveaway … Thanks for the invite !!

  4. #

    A pleasure every time when a company gives something for free. I hope people take this opportunity.

  5. #

    This is a nice invitation giveaway! BT Engage looks really cool… it would be really nice to be able to create customized themes for browsers.

  6. #

    Thanks Mani, a got an account on BT:Engage through the code.

  7. #

    Thanks…is there anything else we can do with this account?

  8. #

    yeah …really just i want to get it . thanks for sharing.

  9. #

    Thanks for that… is there anything more interesting we can do with this?

  10. #

    Thanks but I need some more info if you don’t mind.
    THis provides you with images and you just select the images and their position of the browser.
    Or Do you just create everything by yourself. Sorry but I didn’t quite understand…

    • #

      BT:Engage provides pre-made textures (images for bg). But you can also upload your custom images if you want and make the browser theme.

  11. #

    Thank you so much for given great opportunity on here 🙂 Finally, i enjoyed this concept.

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