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April has gone by and I know many of you are hoping for the rains to come pouring out and shoo away the scorching heat. It’s important for you to be in good shape & fight the heat out. So, drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. You can read my article to stay fit for blogging this summer.

Coming back to the topic, I must say that April’s traffic was just semi-consistent. But I’m not unhappy about it, because I wasn’t able to post daily like I did in March. Still we managed to meet the targets set for the month i.e. to cross 5000+ search engine visits for the month and to consistently reach 250+ unique visits/day.

Meanwhile, we also announced the winners of the Top Commentators Award today morning, who got a 125*125 Banner slot (Dofollow link) in the Sidebar.

Traffic Stats (Google Analytics)

Unique Visits April 2011

Unique Visits received in April

As I said earlier in the post, my target was to reach 250+ unique visits consistently. But I was trying to make it reach 350 on some days as well and guess what, we managed to reach that figure on a dozen days. As you know, I’m a firm believer of setting small targets & then meeting + extending it. So, again for May I’m expecting to reach 300+ unique visits consistently.

I know you may ask, when we are able to cross 350+ unique visits on some days, why don’t I set 350 as a target. The reason for that is, I’ve my second semester by 3rd week of May. So, have to prepare for those exams & it’s difficult to touch 350 consistently without writing a post daily.

Traffic Sources

All Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources - Sites from where we receive traffic

Out of the 5000+ Search Engine visits, Google contributed to about 4900 unique visits. So, you can imagine the dominance of Google over other search engines and also the importance of WordPress SEO. I’ll set another small target of receiving 5500 search engine visits by the end of May. If you are trying really hard to get organic traffic to your blog, then the below SEO Tips will help you out.

SEO Tips :-

If you notice carefully, we are starting to get some organic traffic from Yahoo. I’ve also been trying out some techniques for Reddit & the results are there. In the traffic stat for march, reddit was not to be seen in the top 10 list of traffic sources, but things have been working since then.

Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank April 2011

Alexa Traffic Stats

Last month we crossed 50,000 Alexa Rank mark. Currently, we are at 37,423. It’ll be a struggle from here on to cross 25,000 mark due to the competition from other sites. Hope to reach there when we really deserve to be there.

Hope you enjoyed reading the posts we published in April. If you haven’t subscribed yet, then here are the links : RSS Feeds / Daily Updates.

What does your Traffic Stat indicate ? Were you affected by the panda effect ??

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  1. #

    Those graphs resembles more with my stats but the traffic is not yet that much for my blog. But yea, I have very low bounce rate compared to that 80%.

  2. #

    Congrats Mani for these achievements and Good Luck for exams and future blogging. Keep Moving and touching new heights 🙂 God Bless you 🙂

  3. #

    Keep spirit to gain traffic. Dont give up ^_^

  4. Great result Mani, keep it up!

  5. #

    Nice stats mani..have u removed mgid ads from ur blog??may i know the reason?

    • #

      The hits received from it was pretty less. MGID works well for tech blogs & DailyBlogging isn’t a fully niched tech blog. So that was the reason for the removal.

  6. #

    Now, I finally have a proof that Alexa is a totally flawed metric for rating websites. My blog also receives almost the same amount of traffic and yet, my alexa rank is 10 times lower than yours. 🙁

  7. #

    You have got really good Alexa rank as compared to traffic. Congrats!!! Hope you will soon be within 25K.

  8. #

    I’ve been “following” you for quite a while now and I’m happy that your earnings and stats keep on increasing. The Alexa Rank of yours is definitely one of the best in the blogging blogs I’ve seen and I wish you nothing but the best in future 😉

  9. #

    Congratulation ! Hope you will double your traffic in this month. For me, I crossed 100k visitors last month. But your alexa ranking is good compared to traffic. Congratulations once again.

  10. #

    Damn , thats Good statistics but as compared to the alexa Rank you have you should get 10 times more than that traffic! maybe its because all of your visitor are webmaster so must be using alexa toolbar!

  11. #

    Huge Traffic. Twitter is not Effective to get Traffic as like Other Networking Sites. It only brings 5% of the Total Blog Traffic.

  12. #

    Congo Mani for better Alexa ranking and other stats . I think you have high quality content but not doing SMO for it . If you try few minutes of SMO daily than you can easily cross 1k+ UV daily.

  13. #

    Congrats Mani For your great achievement. I wish you all the success in this may also. 🙂

  14. #

    I liked it when you say “I believe in setting small targets” as even I’m a firm believer of aim for the stars and then reach the moon rather than aiming at moon and miss the target 🙂 Good luck!

  15. #

    congrats mani…..still cant figure out ur alexa ranking success though 🙂

  16. #

    Congratz mani..But dnt knw hw u got dis Alexa Rank with traffic below 1k..
    Anyway,All the Best 4 ur Xm’s..

  17. #

    Congrats Mani,
    Hope you see more hot numbers at the end of this month…:-)

  18. #

    Nice to see all that improvements in your blog each month…Best of luck 🙂

  19. #

    Good results. Congratulations and wish you more!.

    As you know, I was one of the winners of a banner ad for being a top commentator for March. But, I’m afraid, I didn’t even get more than 5 visits from your blog. The banner being too lower on the pages might be a reason.

    But, thanks I might have got a lot of Google juice, though.

  20. #

    I’m getting 2k Uniques everyday , still my alexa rank not under 100,000 :/

  21. #

    Congratulations Mani,

  22. #

    Great stats… Congo Dude!!!

  23. #

    Keep doing Mani and achieve your goal 🙂 Will see you again 🙂

  24. #

    Awesome !!! Congrats Dude 😀

  25. #

    You are lucky dude since your bounce rate is neither high nor low.But i should concentrate the bounce rate in my blog!

  26. #

    That’s Nice, Congrats Mani, Hope I will get this amount of traffic soon, I have started a new blog.

  27. #

    Seems to me like there is still alot of traffic to be gained from Yahoo once you get your rankings on there. And I suppose you can toss Bing to that list too since the two are practically identical. The one thing I liked about your stats is that there does seem to be a consistency in the hits. Looking forward to seeing the stats for May!

    Till then,


  28. #

    Great Traffic.Dream of Everyone

  29. #

    descent traffic.what amazes me is ur alexa rank….ery nice ealexa rank considering ur traffic.whats ur secret ? 🙂

  30. #

    Great achievement compared to last month. Also it seems Google Panda Didnt bite you 😛 Anyway congrats man!

  31. #

    Congrats buddy for the achievement..BTW my tech blog was able to draw 13K visits in April

  32. #

    I am actually looking for your earning stats. So with 300 visitors in UV as Analytics says i.e., you get around 1k visitors as per Adsense. so its I think not more than 50$ per month revenue for you through ADsense am I right????

  33. #

    You have really managed to get High Traffic in Less time to your Blog. You must reveal your basic steps that you take to get Traffic.

  34. #

    nice way of presentation sir plz write one post on how to increase backlink if you can.

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