DailyBlogging Traffic Stats for February 2011

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Well it’s been a month of revamps for DailyBlogging. On 17th we unveiled our new design & now we are Powered by Thesis Theme. Yes, the started the month off pretty badly. Before 17th we managed to Publish only 2 posts out of which one was a Guest Post. It was a horrible start mainly because I was busy in completing the design. Then another obstacle came in the form of a hardware problem in my pc. I had to stay without PC for almost a week.

But despite of all that we are proud to complete February on a high note. We noticed a considerable increase in traffic as the month ended. I realized the importance of niche blogging and I must admit we are getting success by following that path. You can read my post on Single Niched Blogs if you want to increase your blog’s traffic by Producing Quality Content.

Traffic Stats (Google Analytics)

Traffic Stats for February 2011

My aim was to touch 200 Unique Visits each day, which is what we’ve achieved (mostly) after 17th of February. Checkout the image above to take a look at the unique visits received we received. You’ll notice two big dips in the middle. That’s because while shifting the theme files, I forgot to add the Analytics code.

Traffic Sources

Organic Traffic Dominates the Traffic Sources

Google had recently made some changes to it’s Algorithm and introduced the concept of Content Farming and Site Farming. But It didn’t seem to affect us much. Yes, there was a certain dip in traffic for the first 2 days. After that we saw a drastic increase in traffic & mainly Organic Traffic. Also, with Thesis Theme you hardly need to do work on your Site’s SEO. I’m happy to see Yahoo in the Top 10 list. This month I aim to bring more visitors from Yahoo.

Alexa Rank

February 2011 Alexa Rankings

To be frank, I would say that January’s Alexa was terrible. It was decreasing each day. Same was the case till February mid. Then came the revival period. We are on the path of regaining the lost rankings. I don’t aim to reach any particular rank in Alexa, just because I’ve stopped believing in it. It depends on many other factors besides your main traffic.

Thanks to all our Readers & Commentators for your precious Support during the hard period. If you are not a part of our Subscription list then you can Subscribe to our RSS Feeds / Daily Updates.

Have you noticed such drastic changes in your blog’s Alexa Rankings ?

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    Nice traffic, still the bounce rate is too high, you can manage it . me controlled my br. google’s new algo not affected me. best wishes.

    • #

      Ya 80% is too much. I’ve tried few things, but they just don’t seem to work. Would you like to give some tips on how you managed to reduce it ?

      • #

        Perhaps that’s because they clicked on the ads, which should be good in this case? 🙂

        • #

          Well If Everyone clicked on the ads then I would be earning 500$ approx a day. I don’t think ads is the issue. I guess SU traffic is the reason behind this.

      • #

        It could be down to the quality of visitors. You’re picking up more visitors but are they they the right visitors? The stats say no. Page count, time on site and bounce rates are important.

        Bounce rates, aim for about 50% – any lower is a bonus
        Time on site, at least 5 minutes
        Page count, 2 or more

        Bounce rates will affect time on site and page count so focus on this first. Where are people coming from? If they’re not quality visitors how do you make them quality visitors who will click into another article or further into the site?

        You might add new elements to the site to get people in but becoming cluttered might hit the other end of the scale and people might think it’s spam.

        You certainly have a lot of adverts. Personally I would say focus on visitor count and these stats before advertising. Build up your user base and get people coming back. Once you have a good number of visitors then put in your adverts.

        The site comes across as spammy imo.

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    Nice stats.
    You get a very high quality traffic, there are some other blogs that have higher traffic but their Alexa Ranks are still lower than yours.

    • #

      Ya you are right. Even I’ve come across blogs which receive more traffic than DailyBlogging does. The reason why my Alexa is higher is because I comment on blogs in my niche. Blog Commenting plays a vital part in increasing the Alexa ranking. Try it once.

  3. This is a good report. Keep it up and improve more to reduce the bounce rate. Would also appreciate if you could share the income aspect too.

    • #

      Thanks for Stopping by Fisayo. I’m trying out some ways to reduce the bounce rate. I will definitely share the revenue report once I reach the desired mark I’ve in my mind for every month 🙂

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    Wish you meet your target this march !!
    All d best and do take care of bounce traffic 🙂

    • #

      Thanks Shashankk. Yes bounce rate is the worrying factor. Will work on it

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    great stat mate. your source traffic comes from google, means your site ranks good in google’s eye. keep the good work up and work to reduce your bounce rate.

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    There has been a steady growth in ur traffic. congratz. Why there has been so much fluctuation in ur alexa. try to make it more stable.

    • #

      Well I had my 1st Semester which went on for a month and a half (along with pracs, submissions, etc.) So I hardly found time to blog & promote my posts. That’s the main reason for the fluctuation.

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    A wonderful revival in your traffic stats..shows that your hard work has been paid..congratz.. 🙂

    • #

      Handwork pays off any day 🙂 Thanks for your comment. It encourages me to even work harder!

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    Yeah, hard working people never failure in their life, like wise you will give your level best and surely you will get high ranking in the upcoming months.Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable status on here.

    • #

      Thanks for the encouragement 😉 Commentators power-up any Blog 🙂

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    A higher bounce rate is pretty common with search traffic. People search, they view a result, then move onto the next one pretty quickly.

    • #

      Ya I’m not much worried about the Bounce rate. It’s because of the Stumbleupon traffic I receive. People stumble in & check out.

  10. #

    First of all nice theme mani… The thesis skin looks awesome… Was it customized by u? or did you get it designed?Your stats are improving and with bit of hardwork you can have good success… The bounce rate may decrease now because of the new theme…

    • #

      Thanks for the Appreciation. Means a lot 🙂 Yes, this theme is Customized by me.

  11. #

    Dude i like the skin very much… Do you have any idea of releasing this skin or something?

    • #

      Well not soon enough. But I’ll realize it when we move onto the next version of DailyBlogging i.e. DailyBlogging V3.

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    Your mainly traffic is from Google. I love it! This is my first impression on your blog and I really like your theme. It looks unique and easy to navigate. Subscribed to your blog via FeedDemon.

    • #

      That’s great. Glad that you liked our theme and thanks for the Subscription 🙂

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    Nice going…. do you started your earnings? do you want to share that too , that way it can help readers to see the ways to monetize

    thanks for sharing

    • #

      i agree with u 🙂 it will be great to see earnings too 🙂

      • #

        @infoyard & @Deepanshu I’ll reveal my earnings once they reach the target I’ve set in my mind. You can still look for the Ways to Monetize your WordPress Blog.

        • #

          yeah i will wait for ur income reports 😉 nowadays very few bbloggers are doing that idk why 🙄 at the moment i m waiting for ur march traffic report 🙂

  14. #

    Good increase in traffic. Keep going!

  15. #

    Your traffic is increasing steadily, that’s really great! Well done.

  16. #

    hey mani…ur organic tarffic is really awesome..its almost 75% of ur total traffic..my blog is getting only 30-40 daily visits from search engines …can u suggest any tips to increase organic traffic..

    • #

      Well Sumanth thats because of the SEO I’ve done on DailyBlogging. You can read my post on SEO to get some basic tips. Apply it & you’ll see a change.

  17. #

    Cool stats. You can surely do a lot better.

    Can you share with us if you have done anything special to receive such a good share of StumbleUpon traffic?.

  18. #

    Nice Traffic hope that it will remain stable or even increase the bounce rate

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