DailyBlogging Traffic Stats for July 2010

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Starting from this month, I will share the Traffic Stats of the previous month & this will be placed in our new category “DB News”. In this traffic stats; I will share my analytics statistics, Alexa rank & from the next month onwards will add Compete ranks too (As I have added it’s code yesterday).

Incase you missed out any post posted in the month of July, you can always refer to our Weekly Round-ups or the Wrap-up of posts for each month.

Traffic Stats (Google Analytics)


As you can see in the image, I have highlighted the day, I got the highest Unique Visits i.e. on 28th July which was 143. I feel proud to say that, this number (143) has been successfully surpassed in the first week of this month. So, you can see how maintaining a continuity in Blogging is important to build a base for your blog.

Results are bound to come if we work in the right way! I still need to work on the Bounce rate, which is very high. Will test things around & hope to see a lesser bounce rate this month.

Traffic Sources


The very first month of DailyBlogging has been a very successful one as I always wanted to get some organic traffic from search engines & I have managed to get some. I feel sad that only Google has dominated the organic traffic source & I wanted Yahoo & Bing too up in the list. This month I will focus on optimizing DailyBlogging for Yahoo & Bing. As you can see, some part of traffic comes from blog commenting & submissions. It proves that those things are vital part of promoting your blog.

Alexa Rank


Alexa Rank along with PR has a lot of importance for a blog when it comes to link-exchanges & Selling ads.  Unfortunately Google updates PR of a site about 3-4 times a year. The Alexa rank in the image above maybe updated by the time you read this post. So you can either check it live here or you can see the rank in the Alexa widget on our Sidebar.

Have any suggestion to improve my traffic ? Use the comments section to share it with me.

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    not bad friend! Keep improving your result. One day you’ll surely get success 🙂

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    Congratulations dude 🙂

  3. #

    Good going!

  4. #

    Keep it up, work hard and try to get more traffic.

    • #

      thanks for the comment Anish..will work harder this month 😛

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    Keep posting!! Blog visitors will come by their selves if we posting regularly. 😀 Congratz !

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    Not a bad result for 4 months,but not impressive. I think you should post more article….?

    • #

      This blog is 3 months 23 days old by domain & by activity more than a month. Though I will take your advice on posting..need to do more quality (Killer) posts 😛

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        That’s very impressing for a young blog. Your traffic keeps on going consistently.
        Btw, could you fix the reply button, when I click on it, all the page is reloaded, it is quite annoying.

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          Thanks for the comment & for notifying about the Reply button..its fixed now 🙂

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    Good effort. Set some targets and keep blogging. All the best.

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    Pretty good traffic mate. But you need to take care of the bouncing rate. 60+ is quite high.

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      Yep..I’m working on the bounce rate by inter linking. But since its a relatively new blog, I hv to limit on inter-linking due to only 50 posts. Any working tips for decreasing it ? I mean at this stage ?

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    Thanks for sharing traffic stats.

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    Not trying to boast here but here I am, a 16 year old blogger with a mere 110 posts on my WordPress.com Blogs and get twice the traffic that you are getting. Where are you falling short?

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