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It’s been a fantastic month of march to start with. I’ve been able to find & manage time properly to blog almost everyday. That has certainly helped in bringing in lots of organic traffic, people staying longer on DailyBlogging, a slight decrease in the bounce rate and many more things.

And to add onto all those happy moments, on the night of 2nd April India lifted the ICC World Cup 2011. So it was like a feeling which cannot be expressed out in words. It was as if India got the second Independence and party, euphoria hasn’t stopped yet.

Coming back to the topic, I would say that I’m pretty delighted with this month’s stats. So without further ado, let’s check out the Analytics section.

Traffic Stats (Google Analytics)

Unique Visits

Unique Visits of March 2011

In February’s Traffic Stats, I had mentioned that my aim (that month) was to reach 200 unique visits daily and I my aim (this month) was to touch 250 constantly. I’m pretty happy to say that we’ve managed to do that. In fact we’ve almost come close to 300 unique visits on some days. The highest for this month was on 15th March when we touched 409 unique visits. You can see a detailed stat report in the image above.

Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources of March 2011

Again the SEO power of Thesis Theme & the slight modifications I’ve done in the theme to strengthen the on-site SEO. When you see the above stat, you’ll find out that 4000+ unique visits have been via Google search. My aim for next month will be to increase that number to 5000+ U.V.’s. Also, this month we got Category Links in SERP’s. [Image].

Alexa Rank

50000 Alexa Rank

Yay! We've Crossed the 50,000 Alexa Rank mark!

I’m delighted to announce that we’ve regained the lost Alexa rank successfully. In fact we’ve gone one step further today & entered the 50,000 Elite Zone. Check our Current Alexa Rank. Remember, in September 2010 we entered the Elite Alexa Club of 1.00.000. To enter 50,000 was not easy because there is lot more competition & to fight it out is not an easy task. But at the end hard work always pays off.

In a couple of days time, I will also come up with a compilation of all the posts which were published in March in the form of a Monthly Wrap-up. We had stopped the wrap-up of posts for a while because of the less number of posts. But as I said this month I was able to write almost a post/day. That’s the reason we are starting the wrap-up again.

Such a stat is possible because of all our readers, commentators and post sharers. Thanks a lot for supporting us all the way.

If you are a new visitors or haven’t Subscribed to us, then here are the links : RSS Feeds / Daily Updates.

So how has your month passed in terms of your blog’s traffic ?

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    Nice stats, you have got lot of new visitors dude.

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    Congrats on achieving the targets and best wishes for the new ones. It’s very hard to bring a comparatively new blog as this to take to the top 50K sites of the World. It needs something special from the author and We are all happy for you.

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    Good work bro. Great to hear you could reach the goals. Best wishes for the future!

  4. WOW!!! Mani, this is a good result and i’m happy to see your blog gaining more attention from the search engines. I’ll try and check my stats too. Thanks for sharing and I wish you more success in the future….

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    congrats for the gud traffic stats…..the surprising thing is that ur traffic didnt go down on match days of india vs pak ,,,my traffic was slashed to half on that day but was back to normal the other day 😐
    PS – ur alexa rank is very nice 🙂 i m trying to break in top 1 lakh…hope i achieve that soon….

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    Fantastic work here Mani!

    Don’t forget to go back into your previous posts, as well, to see if there are any other little ways to link them to newer ones so that you can get people digging around deeep into the content here on your site. If you find that you have one post that does incredibly well in search engines than piggyback others by including those updated links 🙂

    • #

      do u mean if one post is doing well in search engines, we shud link it to other posts in every possible way (ofcourse without looking absurd) 🙄 ?

  7. #

    Hi Mani,

    I’m new visitor here and now you’re going to receive more hits on your blog. So be careful. 😉

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    Nice stats but the bounce rate is a bit high. Try lowering it to around 60% or less and your Alexa rank will go further up.

    • #

      Perhaps it is a good thing? The readers clicked on the ads and gives him revenue? 🙂

      • #

        Going by Mani not saying nothing much about it, I think you are probably right.

  9. #

    Hi Mani that’s great achievement! Oh ya for stumble upon do you asking people to stumble your url?

  10. #

    That’s some nice achievement, Mani. Good going! 🙂

  11. #

    Great work Mani. Keep doing :). But it’s not easy task to get high traffic, so do well. See you again 🙂

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    Mani, I am new to this site keep, up the good work! It is tough to get that type of numbers impressive… 🙂

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    Very impressive. Good going, Mani. Congrats. May be you would like to share some initial figures during the initial days of your launching this blog just for reference and comparison so as to see how did you move up.

  14. #

    Congrats, bro………. But one thing I would like to say that you must stop caring about the Alexa as it gives no clear stats. A blog about SEO and Blogging can easily get nice Alexa ranking with not much pageviews.My tech blog gets more than 1000 unique visitors per days and around 2k+ pageviews but its Alexa is just around 75k since its a tech blog where common people come with no Alexa toolbar installed…… And my music blog gets even more traffic than my tech blog but its Alexa is 0.2M. LOL…But I am happy as my conversion is good for that much traffic.Advertisers are no more considering the Alexa much these days. So, better to work well on nice content and SEO of the blog

  15. #

    great achievement mani because getting Alexa Rank of 1L is very difficulty on Today’s SEO..

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