Top Commentators Award for April 2011

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If you are a regular visitor or reader of DailyBlogging, you would know that a couple of months ago I had announced that there will be some reward for our awesome commentators i.e. in the form of a banner image (Size : 125*125). We call it the ‘Top Commentators Award’.

This month we have two new winners for this award. I’m happy that March’s Award winner also took some time off & commented despite of the fact that they’d won a banner slot each.

So without further ado, The Top two Commentators are Zohan (14) & Ravi Shankar (13), who’ve got a wonderful banner slot to advertise their blogs/sites and thereby get some exposure and clicks. Hard luck to the other participants. But don’t get too disappointed because you are already getting some link love from the Top 10 Commentators widget.

Top Commentators April 2011

Top 2 Commentators for April 2011

Above is the image taken for the sake of proof. Both of them have been informed to send their 125*125 Banner image as soon as possible. In case you didn’t receive my mail, then you can always send the image via our contact form.

Hope to see more quality comments again this month. Wish you luck! If you are a new visitor & reading our posts for the first time, then Subscribe to Our RSS Feeds / Daily Updates.

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    Congrats to both winners 🙂

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    Wowa !! I won thanks for the wonderful reward mani, i’ll be sending the banner soon.

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    Wow! Thank you Mani for this offer! I didn’t got your mail, I will send the image through contact us page! No Matter 🙂

  4. Congrats to the winners. Good job Mani.

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    congrats…misssed out oonce again 🙄

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    Congrats to Zohan and Ravi 🙂 Keep rocking 🙂

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    Great job by both of the two winners of this contest Zohan & Ravi. I should have been paying attention a little bit more to join in this contest. Congratulations 🙂

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    Congrats winners

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    where is add space..???

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      You can scroll down a bit & on the sidebar you’ll see the Top Commentators Award for April ’11

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    I like that you reward those who take the time to leave a comment on your website, I think with this reward system you currently have it makes it so that others are more willing to comment on your website!


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    Congrats Both Winner…
    I Love This System.

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