Top Commentators Award for May 2011

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As you know, we reward our awesome commentators every month with the Top Commentators Award. This award consists of a 125*125 Banner Spot with a Dofollow link. To learn more about this monthly contest go to our Top Commentators Award post. We normally give the Top Commentators Award to only the Top two commentators. But this time around I got into a fix while deciding whom I should give this award to.

Because the Top Commentators Widget showed the same comment count for the second and the third commentator. Technically, one would say that it should be given to users who are on top of the Top Commentators Widget. But then I thought, what’s the fault of the third commentator. It’s just that the third commentator commented a little late than the second one. So I decided to go out of the way this month and give this award to all the Top 3 Commentators.

Top Commentators Award May 2011

Top 3 Commentators

So, the Top 3 Commentators for the month of May are Zohan (16), Kavya (15) and Sahil (15). All the three have been contacted via Email for the 125*125 Banners. I hope they send it asap so that I can update it on DailyBlogging’s sidebar. I’m giving this award to all the three commentators only for this month due to the above mentioned reason. So, don’t expect me, to do that every month.

A big thank you to all the other commentators who participated in the race to the Top Commentators Award. Keep Commenting and help DailyBlogging grow from just a blog to a blogging community. The current Comment Stat of DailyBlogging is 2,785 from just 199 posts. The credit to that stat goes to all you commentators who supported us right from the start.

I would soon be publishing the Traffic Stats for the month of May. So stay tuned to our RSS Feeds / Daily Updates.

So how many comments your blog received during the month of May ?

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    Congrats to the top 3 commentators…. Hope to be on the list this month πŸ™‚

  2. #

    2,7778? Typo or my eyes are playing a trick on me?
    Anyway sad I didn’t win this. I will make sure I comment more this month. πŸ™‚

    • #

      ya I know, when I came back ever I was shocked for this mistype πŸ˜› | Corrected it right away!

  3. #

    lol… πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot Mani, for choosing Top 3 instead of Top 2.

  4. #

    Congrats Top 3 commentators winners,

  5. #

    Congrats for top3 Commentators. I’ll be looking forward to be on that list soon.

  6. #

    I think Zohan was on top for April congrats on May too. Congrats all of you.

  7. #

    Congrats to top 3 Commentators. Let’s hope I can make it this month.

  8. #

    First of all congrats to top 3….. well, I tried hard but couldn’t make it. Let’s hope I would be lucky this time.

  9. #

    Congrats to all the winners. And it was a good decision to reward three rather than two πŸ™‚

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    Wow..Congrats to all the winners.!!!

  11. #

    Congrats Winners.

  12. #

    Thank you so much Mani πŸ™‚ And, it’s really huge source of encouragement for me πŸ™‚ Great job Mani πŸ™‚ keep doing πŸ™‚

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      Congrats Kavya for winning a spot on this blog. Well done, and I am sure you will win it again this month!

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        Thanks a lot for appreciation! Jasmine πŸ™‚

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    Congrats to the top 3! Looks like I barely made it to the list last month! Gotta step it up for the month of June!


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    Congratulations to the winners! It really is a pinch when there is a tie. It was a fairly good decision to award three people instead of two.

  15. #

    ohh!! Great
    zohan i know this guy and he is my good friend
    Thanks for Post

  16. #

    Congrats to the winnre…I may win this time….LOL…

  17. #

    Good to see Zohan doing great here too.

    I’m kinda hooked to this blog now would love to see myself on that list soon =)

  18. #

    I missed this one. I hope this month I can win… I surely want to place my banner here. Hehe…

  19. #

    Anyway sad I didn’t win this. I will make sure I comment more this month

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    First, let’s dispense with the notion that the shows are β€œcommentary” shows and not connected to journalism. While the Fox apologists might say so, that’s not how the journalistic community views them because the reports about the ratings talk about Fox News programming as news -with no exceptions for any programs which might be viewed as anything other than news.

  21. Its always good to Award your Best Commentators. Its because of them that our Blog gets consistent Traffic.

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    Getting constant readers that leave valid comments is a sign of a good blog.Good job.

  23. #

    Congrats to top 3 Commentators. I don’t have time to read and give comments so I can be in the top.

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