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It’s been a long time since I wanted to reward our Commentators. But due to the redesigning process (Read in Detail : DailyBlogging is now Powered by Thesis Theme) & busy schedule I wasn’t able to officially announce this. Finally, starting this month we will be rewarding our Commentators. Yes, you are the one’s who make DailyBlogging special, bring in quality discussions & help everyone (including me) to gain something out of it.

DailyBlogging Top Commentators Award

We’ve already installed the ‘Top Commentators Widget’ in the footer section, which links to your sites. You must have noticed that, in the redesign process we’ve increase the number of commentators displayed in that widget from five to ten. But I still felt the commentators deserve more than that. That’s the reason why I’m officially Announcing the Top Commentators Award.

125*125 Banner Slot as a Reward

The Top 2 Commentators will be rewarded with a 125*125 Banner Slot in the Sidebar area. That banner stays exactly for a month. Take a note that this is a monthly event. So every month the Top Commentators Widget list will be updated. I will personally contact the winners at the end of each month. Also, please avoid useless comments, just for the sake of increasing your chances of winning the Banner slots.


Due to incessant commenting just for the sake of obtaining backlinks; we’ve stopped this offer completely.

So Discussion makers be ready with your 125*125 Banner.

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What do you think about this new addition ? Do you like it ?

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    This is really a good decision taken by you. Now you will get better and targeted traffic daily.

    • #

      I’m just hoping that more and more people participate in this monthly contest.

  2. #

    Yeah Mani, you taken a good decision and at the time you will get high traffic throughout a month. And, its totally different from the other commenter awards.

  3. #

    Hi Mani,

    I have been busy with some of my business websites for the past two months. But now I am back on track and you can expect me to win this award every month from now on.


    • #

      Good to see you are back. Hoping to see your name at the top spot of the widget.

  4. #

    This contest is going to rock!!. Amazing contest buddy i will surely take part in this 🙂

  5. Mani, this is a good decision to reward your readers inputs. Good innovation!

  6. #

    Hi Mani 🙂 good to see that u started this feature on your blog…Just read ur about me and was pleased to see that u r also in first year of engineering like me ….I m new to blogging and web designing…You are an inspiration..Continue ur gud work 😉 I hope i can win this best commentator award 🙄

  7. #

    Awesome, this is a really good addition to your blog! I will make sure I put down a few more comments so that I can be a winner! hahaha…

  8. #

    Nice move bro.Hope I win.

  9. #

    mani i made a terrible mistake while commenting .i used two different names… 😕 one with my surname and one without.i hope u will club my comments as they have same gravtaar pic and are pointing to same site 🙄 foolish me 😆 😕

    • #

      Well if you are in the top3 then I’ll consider that 🙂

      • #

        thanks for ur consideration but i think i may miss it by a whisker 😐

        • #

          Well the time is over & this months winners are Rohit & Fisayo. I will come up with a separate post to announce their names officially by evening.

          • #

            wellu told you would consider those 5 coments of mine made by different name so technically isnt it 18+5=23 😕 🙁

          • #

            yes I did say that. But from the comments I say, which u made before 12 AM. It was just as if you are desperately increasing your comment count. I’m giving away this banner slot as a reward to genuine commentators who comment properly.

          • #

            yeah i was just trying my luck 😛 😆 anyways so probs 🙂

  10. #

    Would the banner be JavaScript based or a simple linked image?

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