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YouTube at 5

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Now lets come to the topic, today when I was watching a video on YouTube, I found that the logo of the same site looked somewhat different. Nothing major though just an additional ‘5’ added to it as a mark of their completion of five years in the internet world.

You can check the logo above this very para, hope to see the 5 turning into many more years. On such an occasion YouTube has launched a channel of their own called FiveYears.

YouTube at 5


FiveYears is a channel which contains YouTube’s 5 year long journey along with a Timeline to show its viewers how it has progressed in these years.  Wondering why the timeline link isn’t directly accessible.

Hold On! don’t blame your ISP for that :P. It’s because YouTube is using Google’s Appspot service with good effect. So if you want to access the Timeline then goto FiveYears channel page and choose the “FIVEYEARTIMELINE” tab.

Also, YouTube has appointed a Jury to pick out the Most Essential Videos on the site. Lets see what the guest curators have chosen as their essential video.

1. Jonathan Adler

2. Vint Cerf

3. Kate Couric

4. Conan O’Brien

5. Pedro Almodóvar

Personally, I liked Conon O’Brien‘s Most Essential Video. So which one did you favourite as your Most Essential Video among the videos chosen by the guest curators. Voice your opinion on my first post and also answer my question using the comments section below.

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  1. Happy Birthday Youtube 🙂 You said right Mani. Youtube as many interesting videos and it never stopped getting videos for its users 🙂 Thanks for the update dude 🙂

  2. Welcome to DailyBlogging @vinay, and ya surely youtube will last really long due to the countless inflow of videos each and every day!

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