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This is a Guest Post by Dave Cooper who writes for TopSpeedScan, a site which develops different ways to increase pc speed.

When you buy a new PC, it works with great speed, but as time passes, you begin noticing speed changes. Things get slower and annoying, until itโ€™s impossible to work on it anymore. Itโ€™s best to find ways to increase PC speed now, rather than wait till the system goes completely down.


Here are some tips to Increase PC speed

#1 Choosing the right operating system

You might not know but selecting the right Windows version for your system can make your computer run faster. If you are working on good old Pentium 4 with sufficient amount of RAM, then Windows XP would be a good choice. With the latest processors and 2GB of RAM, you can easily run Windows 7.

#2 Number of partitions

The more partitions you have, the easier it will be for Windows to search for a specific file. This makeโ€™s data location even easier. You can create partitions of about 20GB to 80GB of memory. When you partition your hard disk, make sure you do it carefully, or else you will lose important data.

#3 Disk Defragmentation

As you create or delete files and folders, your disk gets fragmented, and these fragments are distributed throughout the drive space. This prevents the smooth working of the system and it gets slower. If you want your computer to perform well, you must defragment your hard disk. You can use the inbuilt disk defragmenter, or you can get an 3rd party tool to defragment your hard drive.

#4 Registry Repair

When you install a program, it makes an entry in the Windows registry. If you do not carefully uninstall the programs when you do not want them anymore, their registry entries keep lying useless. Even when some program gets corrupted, its registry keys are stored in the Windows registry, which creates problems.

#5 Virus Problems

There are many times when our systems get affected by a virus that got transmitted from the internet, or from infected USB drives. A virus can make a lot of changes to your system, and the most prominent problem is a speed change. This is why you must have a good antivirus in your system, and you must keep updating it from time to time. So to increase PC speed, scan your system often.

#6 Visuals

There are many visual effects offered by Windows. There are fading menus and animated windows, but all these things eat up a lot of RAM and can slow down your PC. So in case you want to increase PC speed, make sure you turn off all the visual effects.

There are many tools that can help you achieve all these points, and increase PC speed. You can find them online. Some of them are available as shareware, and some are given as freeware. If you want to get everything done automatically, you can purchase a tool that can complete all these tasks on regular intervals. Though it would cost you a bit, but you could get protection and efficiency for your system.

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Does your PC begins to slow down a bit after a few months of a fresh install ??


  1. i thnk it also depends on how many programs u install and how much free space is present in C: .there must quite a good amount of free space in C.

    1. If you are worried about your pc speed follow these steps you will get proper speed on your computer
      1. right click on my computer go to properties > advance > performance > settings > adjust for best performance (click last two or three check box)
      2. right click on blank area of desktop go to properties > appearance > effect > unchecked first two check box
      3. download ccleaner (run cleaner & registry cleaner ) install & update malwarebytes and run properly.
      4. find out xp tweak_ui and move the mouse cursor to the left
      5. install best anti virus like ESET, quickheal
      6. my computer > tools > folder options > view > unchecked automaticly check for network folder or printer
      7. go to bios and set first boot as hdd

      these process can improve your computer to batter speed, say thanks

  2. Earlier my PC was too slow. I un-installed antivirus of Microsoft and installed Avast. Now my pc is much faster. Microsoft security essential makes your pc worse. I dont know why.

  3. Repairing registry is not a good idea to speed up the PC because it sometimes causes the OS to crash. The best thing is to format windows once in a month…

    1. Format Windows once a month?! That’s too much work, backup, restore, re-installing programs… Oh headache!

      1. Formatting should be the last alternative you have to first backup then install and roll back the backups…quite a tedious work…
        Even sometimes Formatting Windows does not removes many Viruses..

  4. If to Use the correct application, the cleaning does not damage the operating system, and even turnover. Yes, of course, format windows once in a month is possible, but it takes time, and for that at least some knowledge needed, and they do not all possess. So this may be one way, but it is not a panacea

    1. Thanks for the reply Dave ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. it’s better to use some optimizing software to speed up the PC.

  6. I agree choosing the right Operating system according to RAM limit is important.On 512 MB RAM Windows XP should be installed

  7. Removing virus through formatting the drive and installing a fresh copy of the operating system helps improve PC speed a lot

  8. There has been various softwares which help alot in speeding up pc. One of the best which i like is Tune up utilities, Which has all of these functions and its quality is also good.

    1. I personally use PCKeeper. We are on our website have tested the most popular software, and how you think, who won the first place?) Exactly!

  9. I have my computer for about five years for now, and it start to getting slower and worst. I start to unable to stand how slow my computer go. Someone out there have any idea that can help me speed up my PC speed? Please help!

  10. I am using Tune UP Utilities 2011 and it pretty much satisfies my requirements.

  11. I think the best method is to throw an old PC out of the window and get a brand new one with better specifications, hahaha. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. lol u r right……planning to buy a new pc soon…fed up of my PC ๐Ÿ™

  12. I’m personally very happy to use PC accelerator plus, you can download it for free here, to test it and to launch a free scan.
    What is amazing is that it will Speed up your PC by cleaning and repairing errors.
    Good luck

  13. One has to always use the best Registry Cleaner to automate the process of cleaning unwanted stuffs from PC, this way would work out the best

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