How to Crack this ‘Can you crack it?’ Puzzle

Crack it

If you are an avid Internet surfer, then you should be knowing about this new Can you crack it? puzzle. It was launched a few of days ago by TMP Ltd., a UK based company which does recruitment processes for various other firms and companies. In this case I guess the recruitment service is for GCHQ, a cyber security service.

At the out-set it’s fair to say that GCHQ’s recruitment strategy has probably worked. I say that because it’s a unique way to attract attention of people. So thumbs up to both GCHQ and TMP for coming up with this sort idea.

Can you crack it?
Can you really crack it?

On the other hand TMP need to hire some novice search engine optimizer. Yes, novice because they’ve made the basic mistake of keeping the after-puzzle page open to search engines. One can easily find that page with this Google query.

Click on the repeat the search with the omitted results included link to get the link soyoudidit.asp. Google omits that link (along with some others) because the title tags of all the pages are same and there is no meta description or keyword tag. So that’s another SEO blunder.

So next time if your company is planning a similar strategy then remember to include the indexing factors in your to-do list.

The solution to this puzzle was cracked by an 18 yr. old (at least that’s what I found while searching). He may not be the first one to crack it, but the step-by-step solution is on his blog – lolhax. So take a look at it if you wanted to crack this puzzle but got stuck at a step.

There is hardly any fun in copy-pasting the keyword directly. But again if you want it, here it is Pr0t3ct!on#cyber_security@12*12.2011+. If you are an aspiring cyber security expert then check out that solution from lolhax and try to inspect where you went wrong.

So do you think such interesting puzzles should be promoted more often when it comes to recruitment for crucial posts?

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    Nice post great challenge and beside that this is the nice option to judge himself as well because we know very well after this challenge actually where we are stand.

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