Add the Infolinks Related Tags to increase your CTR & earnings


Infolinks, the leader in In-text advertising; introduced it’s Related Tags feature. They also mentioned on their blog, that they have tested this feature with some 200 premium publishers or publishers who have been connected with Infolinks & earn a handsome amount from them. The outcome of this was that, most of them (200+ Publishers)  gave a thumbs up to this new introduction.


The much delightful Infolinks on the eve of India’s 63rd Independence day, made this feature to all it’s publishers. I was waiting to test this one out on DailyBlogging. Finally, added it. You can see it right below the categories & also in the image above. It looks similar to the Adsense Link units.

Why you should add the Infolinks Related Tags ?

Many might have this question in his/her mind. I will cover the answer in just 3 genuine points.

1. Maximum Visibility

You need to add the Related tags on the top of your site as far as possible. This will give maximum visibility to the ads. By this your visitors will obviously look to see what it is. It’s just similar to the Adsense link units. The only major different being that, this is In-text ads & they (Adsense) are link units. You can see for yourself, a comparison that has been made by the publishers who were involved in the BETA testing process.


2. Higher CTR

It’s pretty obvious that, when you place the Related tags in the top portion of your site or even above the fold then it will a better CTR than the ads placed in other areas. If you don’t like them on the top portion, then you can go for the Center portion of your site. But this will reduce the CTR unless you have a very good content & people go through every single line.

3. Maximizes your Earnings

With the above two points (Visibility & CTR) you can be sure that, it will maximize your earnings. Infolinks has collected some analytical data from the publishers who were in involved in the Related tags testing. The image below clearly shows there has been a sudden increase in the earnings due to good positioning of the Related tags.


HowTo integrate the Infolinks Related Tags code into your Site ?

You need to have the Infolinks basic code integrated into your site first, in order to integrate the Related tags. I’m considering you have integrated the basic code already.

Copy paste the below code, where you want to show the Related Tags on your site,

<input type="hidden" name="IL_RELATED_TAGS" value="1"/>

Your done with it now. Again I would recommend you to display it on the top portion of your site to get good CTR & to earn good amount of money.

Images Credits ~ Infolinks Metrics

Have you tried the Related Tags out ? If yes, then do share your views on it. Whether you were successful in achieving the 3 points mentioned above!


  1. Great Stuff. This is one of the more helpful posts I’ve seen

    1. Glad I could help you. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hi, it’s Sarah from Infolinks. Great post on the Related Tags, we couldn’t have done better ourselves. If any of your readers have further questions I encourage them to contact us at

    1. Thanks for the comment Sarah. Hope Infolinks moves towards banner ads too 😛

  3. Great move from Infolinks. hope this will increase the CTR 🙂

  4. First visit to your blog.
    Yes, related tags should increase the CTR, I started using in my blog. But still, some of the ad links showing back to infolinks home page only, so obviously earning will be less from it.

    To see the impact of related tags, I think I have to wait another day in my Infolinks report as it takes two days to generate.

    By the way good information.

    Just FYI, Have you noticed your 300×250 add and post middle Infolinks tags making some issues in this post. I checked in Google chrome and firefox browser.

    1. Welcome to DailyBlogging Dinesh,

      Well ya many ads here aswell point to either Bharat Matrimony or the Infolinks main page. Maybe our visitors see the ads to proper pages.

      Yup, I’m having some theme errors. You rightly pointed it out. Fixed it up. Now going to fix the remaining minor one’s too 🙂

  5. is it safe to mix infolink with adsense…? as i don’t want to risk adsense.

    1. Yup it’s completely safe. Many bloggers use the Infolinks+Adsense combo & it’s not against adsense TOS

      1. I see no conflicts as long as you don’t use the related tags. Since the tags are contextual in nature, we may have a TOS Conflict with Adsense.

        Waiting for an official clarification.

  6. Thank you for a great information…

    1. Thanks for the information. Glad it could help you!

  7. well text links may slow down the blog i think?

    1. Well it does a bit..but it does’nt slow down the load time much.

  8. I want to know whether Clicksor is better or infolink is better?

    1. Infolinks is much better even ad selection wise & the earning wise.

  9. Hi Mani, Thanks for your review. I am already using infolinks for one of my site. I am planning to try the related tag.

  10. thanks, maybe i’ll try infolinks related tag on my site. do you know what best niche blog for infolinks earningthanks you

  11. nice ,,….but do you really think…that this could be useful…..

  12. i have tried this and it really works

  13. I still have yet to see a definitive answer on whether or not this will violate Google’s Adsense TOS. These related tags look very similar to Google’s Adlink units.

  14. Hey there,

    I come to this page because i googled “safari and infolinks related tags”

    I have used related tags, and it was really an awesome feature, i can earn about 0.65 Euro, it is a fine cash for me 😀

    The problem is, in safari browser, the related tag float to right left- far.

    It looks ugly, i tried to fix with any css method, it did not work.

    I have checked yours, it has same problems, have you checked with safari?

    I hope i will find a solution soon.

    Thank you.

  15. hi i am satish from — and i cant find the way how to install this in my blogger xml template. can any one please tell me how to install this and where to install ???? where to place the code in ? in or where ????

  16. can anyone tell me how to put related tag to blogspot?

  17. It may work on some sites and on others it may not so the best option is to give it a try for few days and see for yourself.

    The infolink tag is new once users get use to it CTR will decrease.

  18. How to add at top? i use infolinks plugin but it’s only for text not related tags.

    1. In your Infolinks Dashboard. You have an Option & code for Infolinks related tags (Separate from the Normal Infolinks In-text ads code)

  19. Is that true?
    When people read article from up to bottom, how do you still sure people will click your infolinks when he finished read article?

  20. I have on my blog a year only 13$ yet ,They should decrease the payout to 10$

    1. Mohit, yes I removed it because of it’s low CPC & it was annoying my readers/visitors.

      1. Don’t expect more from text ads.

        1. SemiBuzz is relatively new, Is it possible for the website to get approval, What about the loading time?

  21. I think infolinks is better than other text link ads, my CTR will sometimes goes upto 0.5 $.

  22. it was helpful to me bt. infolink ads is not so nice

  23. It was really helpful News to me..Great Work

  24. hmm as a newbie blogger i dont use to know about infolink but as if its going to increase my CTR then definably going to use too

  25. Well infolinks can be additional source to increase earning from a site but Adsense is best for me. But very nice and useful post.

  26. Infolinks, the pioneer in In-Text advertising, introduced its new feature known as Related Tags. Before the launch of this feature, infolinks tested it on more than 200 websites for its result. The yields were surprising and for most of the publishers it increased their earnings by 30%.

  27. i m newbie for infolinks..this article is very useful to me..thanks for giving this info..Good work

  28. Infolinks is giving me 1 dollar on 200 click that’s not fiat

  29. wow, so far, I place that related tags at the bottom of the page after the post.
    Just finished to move it to the top of the page 😀

  30. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing, Its usefull for me

  31. ADsense and Infolinks, are they good together? Personally, i don’t like to mix both of them.

  32. Very useful post, Thanks for sharing

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