Buy a .COM Domain Name from Crystone for 1.25$ [Discount]

Written by: Muninder

Updated: September, 28, 2012

In this tech-age it’s essential for any business enterprise or startup to have a website (read why). And to build and host a professional website you do require a TLD (Top-Level Domain).
.COM domain name which is the short-form and derived from the word commercial, is the most popular TLD in the WWW (World Wide Web).
Today a mail arrived in my inbox (I don’t know how they got my ID, but won’t complain) from Crystone web hosting and domain registrar service saying it’s running a promotion offer wherein .COM domain name will be available for a discounted rate of 1.25$ (1$ + 0.25$ sales tax = 1.25$)
A normal domain registrar would charge around 10$ for a .COM domain name. But the competition among domain registrars is so much that they keep releasing discount coupon codes from time-to-time. For example, GoDaddy releases a 1$ domain name coupon code each month for it’s new customers. (of course, you can use different credit cards to be that new customer every month)
Crystone is an unknown domain registrar (for me at least) and if it’s offering a 1.25$ domain name then there is no need to fear as it’s just a dollar and 25 cents. Meanwhile, Android Apps are available on Google Play for 25 cents.
If you are a blogger and looking to invest in niche blogs then these offers are just mouth-watering. You can earn that 1.25$ back from your new blog within a day if you put in genuine efforts.

1.25$ .COM Domain Name from Crystone

Crystone 1.25$ Domain Discount
Crystone 1.25$ Domain Discount for .COM TLD

Unlike GoDaddy Crystone hasn’t released any discount coupon codes to avail the 1.25$ .COM TLD. You just need to think of a name for your new website and select .COM as the TLD. Proceed to the next step and it will automatically discount 8.99$ from the final price (just before the checkout, check the image for details).
I didn’t purchase a domain because I didn’t need one at the moment. Remember this offer is valid only for this weekend (i.e. 28th September 2012 – 30th September 2012).
 Hope you take full advantage of this weekend offer. Also have a happy weekend!


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