3 Super Strategies to Increase your Subscription Rate

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This is a Guest Post by Adam, who likes to write articles in different specialized niche, plus he’s also a good web marketer who is passionate about assisting other individuals. He enjoy music very much, especially the Rap songs by Malaysian Celebrity – Wee Meng Chee. Namewee, or better known as Wee Meng Chee, is a very talented musician, you can find out more about him at Namewee.

You don’t have to be a marketing guru to have a large mailing list with lots of people subscribing to your newsletter; you do, however, have to know how to appeal to your prospects in some tangible way. Once you understand the fundamentals of increasing your subscriber list, you’ll find it’s fairly simple to keep taking it to the next level.

Newsletter Subscription Box
A Newsletter Subscription cum Semi-Registration Box @ SEOBook

#1 The Essential Landing Page

Getting targeted subscribers to your newsletter is all about how you get people to notice your offer, and how you get them to take action. While it’s good to have a subscription box on your website, you should also consider using a landing page to drive targeted traffic to. As well as the subscription box, on your landing page you can also put a small sales letter that uses bullet points to point out the benefits of becoming a subscriber to your newsletter.

The visitors to your landing page will have a clear understanding of what they will receive if they subscribe to your newsletter and how to go about it. If you are directing traffic with paid sources like pay per click ads then you definitely need a landing page. Keep your landing page simple and easy to use so it doesn’t confuse your prospects.

#2 Try Pop Over Windows

This will get your readers attention right away with a pop over window that is apparent as soon as they open your website; that will give them an idea as to your newsletter. This is a great way to convert your new visitors into newsletter subscribers. Unlike pop ups, the pop over window is not effected by the pop up blockers. There are a lot of ways open to develop and facilitate a workable pop over window.

But when is the best time to implement your pop over window? You can have the pop over appear when a person checks into your site or as they are leaving. When the pop over method is put into use, you will find that hooking up new clients will not only be more efficient, but also more regular in occurrence.

#3 Consider Ways to Bribe your to be Subscribers

Just having a subscription box on your website isn’t going to make everyone fill it out. You need to bribe them to get them to subscribe by offering them something that holds immense value. To get the maximum effect from this, though, you have to put an original spin on it, as the “free gift” technique is familiar to many people by now.

Your aim should be to bribe them in such a way that they can’t resist your offer, so they give in and subscribe. If the topic of your newsletter is golf, for example, you may want to give away a helpful video that shows people how to improve their golf swing to anyone who subscribes. You can greatly improve your response rate by coming up with an attractive incentives.

There it is! Simple to use tips that once put into action will increase your newsletter subscriber numbers. Do Subscribe to DailyBlogging’s RSS Feeds / Newsletter if you liked this post.

What more strategies/tricks you imply on your landing page to get your visitors to Subscribe to your blog or products ?


  1. I think it’s possible in that conditions when your blog touch huge heights with more passions .

    Beside that everyone can’t touch new heights as soon as possible for that kind of positions he/she needs to do much more work in this field.

  2. Those 3 simple strategies to increase your subscription data on here 🙂 And, it will increase your subscriber list.

  3. This can be a very difficult time. I know when I first started my site, it took some serious time to really start building up the traffic, and generating subscriptions. A couple of things to think about:

  4. Getting subscription or increasing subscription rate is not an easy task and I have seen many bloggars take many months before they get good and loyal subscriber. I hope that with using the tips, people will get few subscription early or on time.

  5. Thank you so much for these wonderful strategies. I will use your strategies and hopefully can increase my subscription rate!

  6. I think Offering Free Stuff to Readers always helps in boosting up Subscription Rate.

  7. I think your strategies will work for us. Thanks for all these things, Mani.

  8. Hi Adam,
    Your tips are surely going to be effective for blogs and other related sites. I agree with the pop over windows, as pop ups are quite annoying in my opinion. On the part of bribing methods, what do you think is the best way to bribe the readers into subscribing?

  9. Good strategies, but I personally hate pop up ads and often leave the website.

    1. Agree With You I Also Hate POP ups But they are useful in other manner 🙂

    2. Yeah, me too. I don’t like popup windows and usually will just close them straight away.

    3. I also agree with you and I find pop up very interesting and usually will ignore such sites.

  10. Hey Adam, the bait part of the landing page is really awesome. The thing that I like in this post is the practical way that will be appealing for people to join the news letter. One question any admin has to ask himself. What is in it for the user? Why would a user take pain and subsribe in a website. these kinds of rewards will increase the conversion to a great extent.

  11. Some popup subscription box can really get on the nerves. Bribing is not a bad idea at all!

  12. Some popup subscription box can really get on the nerves. Bribing is not a bad idea at all

  13. Do pop up really work,i had them before on my blog but didnt see too much changes ironically bounce rate increased and i personally hate pop ups

  14. Hello Mani,

    I think your landing page and offer on sites really can increase your subscription.

  15. Well, These tips are really impressive!! As everyone knows that getting more subscribers is the best way to obtain more loyal readers and it’s very hard to loose such loyal readers because they have been loving your blog!!!

  16. Nice marketing strategy… Will try on my next new blog!

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