How to Avoid Top Marketing Mistakes

Marketing Blunders

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There are just as many things that can be done wrong in the field of marketing as there are things that can be done right. One of the worst mistakes a marketer can make is not telling their potential customer just what it is they’re selling.

Flashy advertisements, massive marketing campaigns, and interactive websites can be great tools when you are trying to sell a product. However, none of these things can save you if you make one of the most fatal mistakes in marketing: forgetting to tell your customer just what it is you’re trying to sell them.

Marketing Mistakes
A Marketing Mistake

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Incorrect/Improper Branding

This doesn’t just mean not specifying your product or service. The mistake that many companies make is in not branding that particular product or service: it is presented without being categorized and the customer is left wondering just why they should need it or want it.

A great example of this mistake in marketing is a car company who presents a sleek and beautiful advertisement that does absolutely nothing to tell the customer what is special about it – just what exactly this car is, and what it does.

Jeep has done a great job of branding their vehicles as being rugged, in both the city and the country, while Toyota is known for its sensibility– the everyman’s car. When customers see a Jeep or a Toyota they know exactly what the auto maker is selling. In Jeep’s case, it is adventure. In Toyota’s case it is practicality.

Solution : A Marketing Degree Program

In a marketing degree program students will learn how best to brand a particular item and, beyond that, how to tell a customer what they are receiving by purchasing that item.

This could be anything from beauty to safety or class. If a marketing professional is unable to tell the customer just what it is they are selling they are in effect just saying “buy this”, which leaves the customer asking “why?”

Asking these questions from the customer’s perspective is often the best way to decide what it is you’re selling and to then present it to your customer. By looking at your product or service and asking what is so special about it you are able to come up with a plan that can meet a specific need within the market.

By looking at your car from earlier and you realize that it is masculine in its design.  Using that, and the initial urban setting, a good marketing professional can develop a marketing campaign centered around its appeal to men in the market for a “masculine” vehicle.

Like most aspects of marketing, there are many approaches to solving issues such as bad branding. Every marketer will, over time, develop a different strategy from the one that they are taught while receiving their marketing degree.

This is one aspect of marketing in which a good deal of creativity and a good eye for what the customer wants can be your saving grace.

So, do you think all these marketing blunder making companies should first go and attend a Marketing Degree program ?


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  3. Thanks for the great article Meg. It sometimes is easy to make blunders, but even if you made a mistake you have to accept it and move on. But in the world of marketing you might not have a second chance to make a first impression, I would consider going back to school for a marketing degree.

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