3 Tips to Get More Views For Your YouTube Videos

Targeted YouTube Traffic

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No matter what you’re marketing on the internet, YouTube can make your job a lot simpler. It’s already proven to be a heaven for people who are trying to get free, targeted traffic to their site through the aid of videos. Yet to really benefit from YouTube, your videos must get lots of views, and in this article we’ll be showing you how to accomplish this.

YouTube Videos Views
Get Targeted Views for your YouTube Videos

#1 Embed Videos on Your Own Blog

There’s no better place to publish your videos than on your blog. Placing videos on your blog will add appeal for your readers, as many people like to watch videos in addition to reading any written content. Your blog can be a doorway to your YouTube channel (and vice versa) if you embed videos in your posts; this gives you another place for people to discover your video content. You shouldn’t overlook this idea if you don’t presently have a blog; rather, you should consider it one of many good reasons to start a blog now.

It can be very inexpensive or even free to start your own blog, and you don’t need any real technical knowledge, so there’s no reason not to do it. The way you can integrate your blog with social media sites, it’s a great way to promote all of your content, including your videos.

#2 Use Interesting Thumbnails

This is one tactic that never fails to get you targeted attention on YouTube. If you concentrate on utilizing convincing and attention-grabbing thumbnails of your videos, you will notice that a higher number of individuals will sit down and watch your video. You should be certain that your video thumbnails are pertinent to your videos, on account that Related Videos produces more than 70 percent of views to videos. Conversely, this definitely does not mean that you should be tricking or hoodwinking your potential viewers by using a thumbnail of your video that is totally unrelated.

On YouTube, the last thing you would want to do is ruin your reputation by decreasing the confidence of your viewers. In every way possible, you need to be truthful and obvious with your methodology because your viewers will be pleased you and your efforts, instead of accusing you of breaking their trust in you. For social media sites, such as YouTube, acquiring the trust of your target audience is incredibly important.

#3 Allow Embedding

A mistake that is commonly made by YouTube marketers is that they limit the spread of their videos themselves by disallowing embedding. If you decide to not let people embed your videos on their blogs or website then you will evidently be decreasing your chances for success and putting a halt to the number of views and amount of exposure your video gets. Attempt to be at ease with the thought that some of your viewers will like your video so much that they want to share it through their website or blog.

Additionally, as a way to let you make them more interactive, you should permit your viewers to make comments, as well as rate your videos. In order for your viewers to actually help in getting the word out about your videos, you should make sure they are amenable and open. YouTube and viral marketing team up, so why would you wish to minimize this mishmash?

Finding long term success with YouTube boils down to how popular you can get your videos and garner targeted views on a regular basis.

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So what’s your view on getting more views for your YouTube videos ?


  1. Hi Adam, nice points you make. I have a question about the thumbnail. Do you have any suggestions for how to control which thumbnail is picked up by YouTube? I haven’t figured out how they pick the thumbnail or what point in time they designate to capture the image.

    1. Here is the answer to your query ileane : http://www.squidoo.com/youtubeframe

      I haven’t tried that myself. But many suggest that the video length divided by 4 and then multiplied by 3 works most of the time.

  2. Some nice tips Adam. Here is one more: Use lots of relevant tags, that will help in visibility. Yah, make sure you not spamming with tags, it should be relevant.

  3. Thanks for This Post. I have made many videos Promoting my Blog and was now Looking how to Viral Promote. Your Post Helped Me. 😀

  4. Nice tips. The content of the youtube video is ultra important too, if the content is uniquely funny or interesting, then it will go viral and get tonnes of views.

  5. Thanks Adam for sharing these useful tips. Using interesting Thumbnails and embedding option both are new for me. I would like to ask one more thing. As like on Facebook or Twitter, do we should create a social network on YouTube also?

    Daniel Wood

  6. Embedding your videos in your blog can definitely be a huge help. I could not believe how many views one of my early videos got just by embedding it in the blog I was running at the time, which was about a self-help topic. Also interesting point about the thumbnails. I used to think Youtube randomly chose a thumbnail for the embedded video. How do I choose which frame of the video I want to embed? I do agree about allowing embedding. I find it very inconveniencing when embedding has been disabled on a video. I’m sure it severely affects the viewership of that video as a lot of people really don’t want to open a whole new window just to watch the video.


    1. You are right. Embedding the video in our blog will help a lot especially if the video is related to the blog post and we have good traffic to our blog!

  7. We can get more readers into our blog by placing videos in the blogs. And, it will be increasing traffic into our blog without any doubt on here 🙂 Its one of the great directions to promote your contents and its includes videos too on here. And, its really great tasks on here 🙂

  8. Adam, thanks for the sharing. Interesting topic. Will certainly use your tips to increase views to my Youtube videos hehe!

  9. It’s also important to optimize your video as best as you can by including keywords in the video title and description. YouTube is the second most popular search engine. By optimizing your video you are improving your chances that it will be found organically.

  10. Another tip that I can suggest is to post early video reviews of new products. People are always on the hunt for reviews of something that they have been hotly anticipating and click on the first review that they can find, regardless of who wrote it.


    1. @Jean – I totally agree with your tip. I tried this strategy already and it works wonders, especially if you put a back link of your site on the info for that particular video review.

  11. Creating some good content is also to get views without need to put it on blog. This is my idea!

  12. Embedding videos on your own blog will definitely generate more traffic to you website. As it adds more appeal to your overall site structure.

  13. One more important thing is to write proper title and tags. That could improve search visibility in youtube.

  14. Great Post very informative and very well written. Thanks for sharing keep posting.

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