9 Tips to Sell your Products or Services through Blogs

Written by: Sandeep Challa

Updated: September, 17, 2011

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There are different channels of sales promotions. Every single sale (be it through offline or online) adds fuel to the company. This fuel keeps the engine running.
As more and more fuel is pumped you can add new bunch of products and services. Profit is directly proportional to the number of sales. Right from the conception of the product to the product delivery, sales view plays a key role.
Successful sale happens when a right product reaches right customer in right time through right means.
Blogs are cost effective means to promote products and services, apart from being a mean to make more money. We shall check how we can make sales and how we should not of our products/services.
I have used these strategies and tips on my other blog which features auto trader and woot discount coupons and have found that I was able to market those discount coupons in an effective yet less intrusive manner.

Sell Products
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1. Highlight the Unique features or USP of the product

You should high light the unique feature of the product or service. This will make a big difference from a whole lot of products available in the market. You should be able to explain the usefulness of the product in terms of user friendly features, high efficiency, time saving, low maintenance, customer support availability, guaranty or warranty and so on.
Many-a-times, the ultra new formula that has been launched for the very first time in the market which is backed by sound research and recommendations from experts in the domain will make a cat walk in sales.

2. Speak to Targeted Customers

You should know your customer. You cannot sell everything to everyone. If it is a sophisticated electronic gadget, you can explain the usefulness and unique features in a laymen’s point of view. You can provide more information like key features, specifications by adding a new link like “For More Info“.
Prospective customers always start with a dialogue by commenting on your blog or asking few more questions. This is great opportunity to win a customer by effectively addressing his concerns though blog replies or emails or phone calls (If they are not registered for DND services).

3. Presentation

For offline sales where you have the opportunity to meet the person F2F, you can explain the product features by being yourself presentable. You can present with a clear tone, change the pace as per the customer’s feelings and mold yourself to alleviate all kinds of fears in the customer and can close the deal.
On the other hand, for online sales, especially through blogs, you should be cautious to provide the information in a logical fashion addressing all expected concerns from a customer point of view.
If the content is provided in this way by careful wording, product images (with front view, top view, left view and right views and other angles) revealing the functional components and supported by audio visual presentations, there is a great chance to make a sale in the first shot.

4. Product diversification

If you have multiple flavors of the same product, you have more chances of winning the customer. Always suggest alternatives available to the customer in the same product range. This will help him chose the right one that suits his taste.

5. Explore new Ways

You can attract new customers by offering gift coupons on your website. You can conduct games on your site and based on the scores special discounts can be offered.
You can add affiliate program and give substantial discounts for affiliates. Mobilize the crowd through social networking sites for discussions, remarks and reviews.

6. Support the customer

After selling the product or service, customer should be able to get updated information on the product. Customer and technical issues should be properly addressed. You should be a helping hand in times of need.

7. Never compel the customer to buy your Product

You should be polite in honouring the privacy of your customers. You cannot sell their database to third parties without their knowledge. Don’t flood the inbox of your customers without their interest in receiving them.
Instead of receiving replies from them, they may block your mails altogether.

8. You should not cheat the Customer

There are some novice customers who may take your advice and purchase products and services by fully trusting you. You should suggest the right product to them based on their needs but not based on your profit margin.
Otherwise, it will create a negative impact on your company and sales will hit!

9. Never be aggressive

Last but not least, never ever be aggressive with your customer. This is golden rule. Whether it is an inquiry from customer or provision of after sale support or facing an irate customer, you should manage your temper and win the customer.
There are chances that customer will feel shy and apologize you later for his behaviour. This is a winning strategy.
Hope these hints make difference in your sales. Do you want to share your success on selling a product and or service?


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