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While watching some videos on YouTube I found that the new video player which is built in HTML 5 has undergone some changes when the video gets over. I mean the Replay page got a redesign with some more features embedded in it. A month ago I had posted about the YouTube Easter Egg. Though that feature was not much buzzed about/used as it isn’t that clearly notified to users as it should’ve been.

youtube-replay <Image Credit>

But this time YouTube has come up with something solid enough to cherish it’s users which a new design for the replay page. This design looks more elegant & gives better features compared to the old one.

If you want to try it yourself, then goto a YouTube video which uses the new video player (made in HTML5) as the new Video Replay Page won’t work in the older player.

The new player could be easily distinguished; as and when you hover over the progress bar of the new player, it’s size increase from being a small line to a full-fledged progress bar. And when you hover out then it goes back to it’s original State. Take a look at the image below to see the new replay page. YouTube-new-replay-page

Also, the images of the new player is more elegant & can be easily identified. The replay page now has the REPLAY, LIKE & SHARE buttons which are aligned on the left hand side of the video & placed vertically. You will also notice from the image that it has Featured as well as Related Videos which are managed properly in a small space. So try it out & you will surely like the new replay page design.

Do you like the new design of the replay page ? Write in your views using the comments section!


  1. I think now we get more experience from youtube,Thanking you for a awesome write up!

    1. Google is updating all its products one by one 😛

      1. I hope that they update the toolbar PR as well damn.

        1. Yea seriously Kamal. PR Update is delayed long time 🙁

  2. old one, more than a month old.

  3. Now Youtube joins with Gmail in Features updating. Seems People at Google are working hard. Thanks for sharing the info.

  4. Yes I noticed the changes and I was wondering if there is a way to turn off these features. I have a YouTube channel and I don’t want the other related videos to show up at the end unless it is one of mine. Let me know if you have a tip for that. Thanks!

    1. Adding a better design always impresses users.

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