5 Tips to Effectively Sell yourself & Get a Job

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You probably know all about marketing an object; it’s the process by which something is made desirable to others. But what about marketing yourself?

Marketing yourself today means the difference between landing a poor job and a great one and the difference between getting that promotion and being stuck.

Where once it was simple to get recognition for what you can do and for what you have achieved, it’s now a lot harder than that.

More young people are out of work than ever before and it’s not because they’re not skilled, they are actually even more skilled than previous workers; but because of intense competition there are more and more people who can be employed and fewer jobs to employ them.

Job Interview

Job Interview

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It should be obvious now that knowing how to market yourself properly is incredibly important both for getting a job and for keeping it. You have to be able to stand out from a crowd and these five ways should help you achieve just that.

1. Know What You’re Getting Into

Before you head in for that interview, or even before applying for a job, make sure you understand what you’re getting into! Brush up on the company you wish to work for-what they do, achievements met, their goals and see how you can best fit into their plans.

And prepare for a good two-way conversation with your employer about things like wages, expectations, what you can offer, what the company can have and so on. The more prepared you are, the more dedicated you look and that makes you stand out.

2. Networking

The world of the internet is a strange and wonderful tool. If used properly, you can set yourself up in the eyes of potential employers without ever meeting face to face.

Things like blogs, tweeting, having a presence on LinkedIn and properly managing your online reputation can do more for you and your job prospects than hours of pounding the pavement ever could. Proper networking leads to relationships built between yourself and others who can then help you get the job of your dreams.

If you are having trouble with your online reputation, make sure you brush it up using a good blog, having a professional online profile, and getting rid of unflattering photos. It will take some effort, but it’s worth it when even the internet portrays you as a great person to employ.

3. Be Yourself

People lie in their resume. It’s a time honoured tradition and even big names do it! For example, Scott Thompson, the chief executive of Yahoo! embellished his academic credentials by claiming that he had a computer science degree.


Be honest in/with your Resume

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He didn’t and though the company stated he’s a great employee, the fact is that the got that job unfairly. His reputation is now dirty and if he’s ever let go, he’ll have a harder time getting a new job.

Always be yourself on your resume. You can always add more to it later and point out in your interviews that you are continuing to learn more about things in your fields. This doesn’t show that you are ill-educated; instead, it shows that you are always willing to reinvent yourself and learn more and that’s always worth having on board on a job.

4. Walk the Walk

You can claim everything you want, but make sure you can back it up and use it appropriately. For example, a know-it-all will not be welcome in a team environment, but as a sales person, you could be a superstar. And don’t be afraid to flaunt what you do best; highlighting your strong points is important when trying to sell yourself.

And finally, if you’re claiming expertise, make sure you can back it up with portfolios of previous projects. Showcase your skills by using a blog to talk about what you know, go to trade shows and make sure to showcase what you can do best by doing, not just by saying.

5. Acknowledge your Shortcomings

Don’t forget that there are plenty of people who can also do that job you want so you have to make yourself pop. Focus on selling your strong points while still acknowledging your weak points. Claiming to have no weakness makes you look arrogant; acknowledging them and making a plan to work on them makes you look like a star.

Selling yourself is all about making sure others know who you are and what you have to offer. It’s an important skill to have in our competitive marketplace and though it will take some practice, the effort is worth it in the end. Good luck on the job market!

Would you like to add anything to the above 5 tips to be effectively able to sell yourself in a job interview or while looking for a job ?

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    I think one of the ways how to be effectively able to sell yourself in a job interview is to appear confident yet still remain humble. Of course, if you are aiming to become a leader, you should know how to lead well but still exude an aura of being approachable.

    • #

      Yes, that’s true. You have to be smart & confident at the time of your interview. But not to be over smart or over confident. You should remain polite & humble also to make a good impression on the interviewer. That’s the main key.

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    nice post thanks for sharing this 🙂

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    Thanks for the comments Mahesh.:)

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    Great article, I like the detailing u presents here. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks a lot for your comments Rohit.

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    A timely post Lena, because just the other day I was just touching on this topic.

    We seem to be totally against “sales and marketing” — Be it a product, service, pitching an idea, or even persuading someone out for a cup of coffee.

    Sales is an act of persuasion. We all persuade, at all times, with everyone.

    Acing an Interview is all about persuasion again and this is a skill no one teaches in schools of colleges.

    Your post should be like a knock on other people’s heads — especially those who think they would get what they want just by showing up.

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