DailyBlogging – Wrap-up of Posts for July 2010

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From this month we will have a Wrap-up of posts for each months. No, its not the old but famous Popular posts of a month, but a whole collection of posts from different categories posted in a month. This month I have posted exactly 32 posts which is more than a post per day & I’m happy with that. As, this can be considered as my first month of Active Blogging. I hope I can increase my post/per day ratio a bit this month.

Success <Image Credit>

So lets get on with the topic of Wrap-up of posts based on Categories.

* Posts for July 2010 *

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Bonus : Weekly Round-ups

Just in case you want Weekly Round-ups. Then here are they,

* Reader Engagement up till now *

Here is an image pointing towards the Comments which I received for the posts I posted till now on DailyBlogging. Technically termed as Reader Engagement.


Hope you like this months posts, Keep Encouraging me with your comments & Shares to write more in this month. Looking to improve on my post/day ratio!

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    Roundup Post is always good for readers. They can find interesting stories.

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    dispenses utilize a good site decent Gives bless you for the hard work to help out myself

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    Great roundup! Wow you’re off to the races! More than a post per day? I’m suddenly feeling like a slacker! Keep on trucking but be sure to protect yourself from burnout too. Lots of posts wont do anyone much good if you get burnout and exhausted and stop posting. *hugs*

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      Thanks for the sweet and advisable comment Kim.

      Will follow it to a great extent!

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      I agree with Kim here. Also, sometimes it’s good to consider quality over quantity too. Maybe you can try both and see which works better for you. In blogging there’s always more testings involved. Happy blogging and don’t ever lose the passion.

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        Thanks for the encouraging comment..Yup testing some new things gives failures as well as success..A smart blogger is the one who converts those failures into Success..

        Wish you lots of Success 🙂

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    very interesting post. thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for keeping me update. 🙂 😉

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