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So April has kicked off with a bang for all it seems. Cricketing action in the first week, now IPL has begun & it is going to be an awesome month. It was an awesome month of March for us because as I said in the Traffic Stats posts we were able to write almost a post/day. It felt so good to regain my writing habit thanks to some time management tips from various blogs that I read.

We covered exactly 23 posts in the previous month mostly related to Blogging and WordPress tutorials. So let’s get on with the Wrap-up.

Posts For March 2011




Money Blogging

Tech Tweaks


DB News


Web Hosting

Reader Engagement

Reader Engagement March 2011

This is the Current Comment Stats

We crossed 2000+ Comments mark by the end of March. Thanks to each and every commentator & reader for your continued support. It really inspires more to write some killer HowTo’s and share my knowledge with you.

Note : The above Wrap-up also includes Guest Posts from our lovely guest authors. If you want to start writing for us then, refer the β€˜Become A DailyBlogger’ page for details & guidelines.

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Should I continue to write more on niche topics ? Did you really like the posts that I and my guest authors wrote in the previous month ??

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    hmm gud idea to do a wrapup…..quite a no. of posts this month πŸ™‚ i have ..read each and every one of them exceppt 1 or 2 πŸ™‚

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    As i ddidnt visited your website for one or two weeks i could not read your articles, Anyway this wrapup will surely help me, Hope i would make most out of this wrapup!!

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    I actually very much interested in knowing new SEO techniques. I really like them.

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    I would to say thanks for Mani for given wonderful tips about SEO and blogging tips. Great effort πŸ™‚

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    Lovely posts in the past month, some of them are inspiration while others are informative! I also love those SEO articles just like Kavya Hari!

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    Good going Mani. BTW, I really liked your footer widgets for capturing the posts category wise. Looks quite nice.

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