DailyBlogging – Wrap-up of Posts for November 2010

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Couple of days ago I released the Traffic Stats for the month of November. It was kinda stable, but I certainly expect it to dip more during December due to my ongoing exams. I hope my certainty turns to be false. In November we could only manage to cover 10 posts. So this time’s Wrap-up would appear as a big Weekly Round-up as compared to September’s Monthly Wrap-up.


* Posts for November 2010 *



Social Media



Web 2.0


Web Hosting

* Reader Engagement *



We have crossed 1,000 Comments in these two months. Hope we can hit the landmark 1,500 Comments before 150 Posts. Thank you all for Commenting on the posts.

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    Good luck bro, i think you are very much engaged with fellow bloggers, maybe thats why you get comments instantly as you post.

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    i have been following a lot recently so i loved many stuff you shared guys !
    wish you the bet of lucks and i’ll be reading a lot 😉
    thank You

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    Nice posts….i missed out some of them but now got all….

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