DailyBlogging – Wrap-up of posts for September 2010

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So another month has ended. If you follow our blog then you would know what we do when a month comes to an end. For those who don’t follow us, they can easily Subscribe to our Daily Updates / RSS Feeds. We have already posted our traffic stats for September. Now it’s time for a monthly wrap-up.

As I had said in the traffic stats posts, that we have covered a bit less no. of posts this month due to various reasons. So our no. of posts in September has taken a dip to 21 posts as compared to last couple of month’s 32.


* Posts for September 2010 *






Social Media


Web 2.0

Web Design

DB News

* Reader Engagement *


Special thanks to all the Discussion makers who made it a point to comment on posts which they liked. The Conditional CAPTCHA plugin seriously helps a lot as you can see it’s automatically discarded 8K spam comments. I will soon be coming up with a review about that plugin. Meanwhile you can the top 10 wordpress plugins which I use on DailyBlogging.

I havn’t covered up the Weekly Round-ups as the wrap-up covers all the posts posted in September. In case you still want to see the roundups, then you can visit the Weekly Round-up Category.

We are close to 100 posts & as soon as we hit that target I will let know my readers. Till then enjoy reading hot Technology & Social Media related news on DailyBlogging.

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    Hey Mani, you stats are simply superb. 876 comments for 93 posts. Well, your blog looks much like a community to me. And the conditional catcha part, I am gonna try it for sure, since I am the one manually deleting my spam comments. Keep going mate.

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    wow 93 posts and close to thousand comments , cool . best thing is more comments gets the google bot to index your blog more often …

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    btw one piece of advice . your outbrain thumbie is showig offensive picturs and linking to :


    see if everything is fine

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    ‘876 comments on 93 posts’ – Unbelievable 😀

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